Barbara Palvin

Barbara Sprouse, formerly known as Barbara Palvin , and Dylan Sprouse recently exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony over the weekend.

The happily married couple has now shared their cherished wedding moments through a series of breathtaking snapshots featured in British Vogue.

Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse

The 29-year-old Barbara Palvin and her 30-year-old husband, Dylan, looked absolutely radiant in the images. Among the highlights were magical photos capturing their departure from the same church where Barbara Palvin parents tied the knot 34 years ago.

Additionally, the album showcased tender kisses shared by the newlyweds after the heartwarming ceremony. The pictures captured the essence of their special day, filled with love and joy.

Barbara Palvin

In addition to the stunning snapshots, Barbara Palvin and Dylan also shared delightful details from their enchanting wedding held over the past weekend.

Among the highlights were the three exquisite designer dresses that the bride adorned throughout the day, adding a touch of elegance to the celebration.

Moreover, Barbara Palvin embraced a Hungarian tradition to honor their special day, making it even more meaningful.

Snapshots, Barbara Kissing

In an interview with the renowned fashion publication, the newlyweds fondly reflected on their journey from engagement to tying the knot.

They shared heartfelt anecdotes about their wedding day and the joyous moments experienced at their reception, making it a truly memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Barbara Palvin Sprouse (formerly Palvin) and Dylan Sprouse have unveiled their wedding album, featuring a breathtaking collection of stunning photographs, exclusively showcased in British Vogue. The couple’s love and joy are beautifully captured in these images, making it a remarkable and captivating visual story of their special day.

Wedding Album

The couple has big plans for a grander ceremony in California during the autumn, but they began their journey as husband and wife in an intimate gathering with 115 guests at Barbara’s parents’ property, Harlekin Birtok.

Mrs. Sprouse

“It’s gonna take some time for me to get used to being called Mrs. Sprouse,” expressed Hungarian model Barbara Palvin. However, her husband Dylan has been affectionately calling her his wife for the past three years, making the transition smoother for him.

They are looking forward to returning to L.A. to be with their pets and take some well-deserved rest before delving into the preparations for their American wedding.

American Wedding

Barbara’s wedding day was truly special, adorned in three stunning dresses. She donned a custom strapless gown crafted by Vivienne Westwood, followed by a shorter dress from Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, which she described as making her “feel like a modern princess.”

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Barbara adhered to Hungarian tradition by donning a red dress at midnight, created by Hungarian designer MERO, to signify her transition from bride to wife.

This cultural custom, known as “menyecske ruha,” holds significant meaning for Barbara Palvin as it represents her new role as a wife after the wedding.

Tiffany & Co

Her style choices were impeccable throughout the day, with a custom 90’s inspired choker from Tiffany & Co. perfectly complementing her three different dresses. To match the colors of her attire, Barbara wore pairs of Jimmy Choo footwear, ensuring a cohesive and elegant look.

As for Dylan, he opted for a very traditional tuxedo, ensuring a classic and sophisticated appearance. He made sure to be clean-shaven, paying attention to every detail for their special day.

The wedding arrangements were skillfully handled by Barbara Palvin and her sister Anita Palvin, both of whom have experience in wedding planning due to their parents’ history of hosting weddings on their property.

Sister Planned

Dylan humorously shared, “We didn’t have a planner, so Barbara Palvin and her sister planned most of it. They told me my only job is to show up and say the right name.”

The couple’s easygoing approach to the planning process allowed them to focus on the significance of the day.

The couple exchanged their vows in two ceremonies.

The first took place at the same church where Barbara’s parents were married in 1989, evoking a sense of sentimental connection.

Second Ceremony

The second ceremony was a civil affair held on a small island within a reserve on Barbara’s parents’ property, adding a touch of intimate charm to the celebrations.

Barbara Palvin expressed her emotional sentiments about the church ceremony, stating, “All the people we love and care for were there. We all cried a little.”

Civil Ceremony

The civil ceremony was equally heartfelt, and she described it as a beautiful moment that they will cherish forever. The wedding’s dual ceremonies allowed the couple to create unforgettable memories surrounded by their loved ones.

Dylan shared that their nerves had eased considerably by the time the second ceremony arrived. Having already completed the first ceremony in the church, they felt a sense of calmness during the second part of the celebration.

As they prepared to walk down the aisle for the civil ceremony, they initially felt some nerves.

However, as soon as they caught sight of each other, their worries melted away, and they burst into laughter. This joyous moment helped to soothe their nerves even further, although they couldn’t escape the emotional intensity of the occasion, and both ended up shedding tears of happiness.

“I do!” The couple exchanged their heartfelt vows in two beautiful ceremonies.

The first “I do” took place at the very church where Barbara’s parents were married back in 1989, creating a sentimental connection to their family’s history.

April 2023

The second “I do” occurred in a civil ceremony on a charming small island within a reserve located on Barbara’s parents’ property.

The picturesque setting added a touch of intimacy and romance to the celebration. The memorable moments of their wedding were captured in the Vogue feature from April 2023.

The reception was filled with joy and celebration as the newlyweds and their guests indulged in shots of p√°linka, enjoyed traditional Hungarian music, and engaged in fun wedding games.

Photos obtained by Vogue showcased the couple radiating love as they posed together, exchanged heartfelt vows, and joyfully celebrated with their friends and family.

Barbara’s Vivienne Westwood dress was a sight to behold, elegantly cinched at her trim waist and flowing gracefully in a romantic skirt. Her veil, pinned to the top of her head, cascaded beautifully to the floor, perfectly complementing her long sheer gloves.

Los Angeles

After returning to Los Angeles, Dylan took to Instagram to express his gratitude for the kind messages and promised his fans more details about the wedding soon.

He shared, “Just touched down in LA from the flight. Thanks for all the kind messages, and will be posting lots of images tomorrow :)”

The couple’s engagement took place during a memorable camping trip with friends in September 2022, but they confirmed the news to the public only last month.

Dylan proposed in a spot where Barbara’s favorite animals, sea otters, could be found, adding a touch of romance to the moment.

Barbara playfully shared that she was a bit suspicious about the proposal as Dylan packed a shirt that seemed too nice for camping, raising her suspicions about the surprise he had in store.

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