Photographer Ben Seed, formerly in a relationship with actress Anya Taylor-Joy, has now found love with Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Daisy Edgar Jones

This newfound romance became public when the couple was spotted together for the first time in west London on a Wednesday.


Accompanied by Seed, Edgar Jones visited the Gucci store located on Sloane Street. Seed and Taylor-Joy parted ways in 2021, Edgar Jones significantly changing his romantic life.

At age 25, Edgar Jones was observed warmly embracing Seed as they paused on the street during their shopping excursion in the neighborhood.


The British actress appeared at ease, donning a cropped denim jacket paired with high-waisted jeans while showering the photographer with her affectionate gestures.


On Wednesday, Daisy Edgar Jones, known for her role in “Normal People,” enjoyed quality time with her new boyfriend in west London.

Unbreakable bond 

The actress socialized with other shoppers while accompanying photographer Ben Seed in the Knightsbridge area. She opted for strappy flats to complete her ensemble, with a simple black handbag being her sole noticeable accessory.

Normal People

Seed sported a relaxed look, donning a plain white T-shirt and skinny jeans while affectionately kissing his girlfriend’s head. Reportedly, the “Normal People” actress is overjoyed, finding herself on cloud nine since entering a relationship with Seed, who is known artistically as Pip.

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Relationship Taylor-Joy

He ended his relationship with Taylor-Joy just before she secured the Best Actress award at the 2021 Golden Globes, beating out Edgar Jones .Rumors suggest they’ve had a series of London-based dates and been involved with each other for several months.

According to an insider who spoke to The Sun,

“Daisy and Pip became a couple earlier this year and have since become incredibly close.

Both of them found some leisure time this summer and have developed a fondness for spending time together at Broadway Market in East London, enjoying bars and each other’s company.

East London

An insider mentioned, “There’s an undeniable connection between them, and they’re thrilled to have found each other. They’ve even had the chance to meet each other’s friends, and she couldn’t be happier.

Completing her ensemble, she adorned herself with strappy flats, and her sole standout accessory was a modest black handbag as she shared an intimate moment with Seed.

Malcolm McRae

Edgar Jones reported new relationship follows her separation from ex Tom Varey in late 2020, ending a two-year dating period. Meanwhile, Anya Taylor-Joy has found love with “husband” Malcolm McRae. The pair made their  affectionate debut in May 2021 when they were seen sharing a kiss in New York City, shortly before her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live.

March 2022

In that same month, during an interview with Elle, she discussed having a significant other, although she didn’t explicitly mention McRae’s name. Their public debut on the red carpet took place at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in March 2022. It was only a few months later that reports began to circulate about their clandestine marriage.

Edgar Jones catapulted to stardom in 2022, securing her breakthrough role as Marianne in Sally Rooney’s “Normal People,” alongside Paul Mescal,

Who played Connell.

The romantic drama, initially aired on BBC Three in 2020, centered around the tumultuous relationship of Irish teenagers Marianne and Connell. It traced their on-and-off journey from their school years to their university experiences.

Shopping Excursion 

Seed, who was in a relationship with Taylor-Joy, the 27-year-old star of “The Queen’s Gambit,” in 2021, joined Edgar Jones as they visited the Gucci store on Sloane Street.


According to reports, the “Normal People” actress is delighted after starting a relationship with Seed, known artistically as Pip.

Anya has found love with her “husband,” Malcolm McRae, and has happily moved on.

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