Hailey Bieber Calls Pregnancy

Hailey Bieber recently opened up about the emotional toll of dealing with persistent pregnancy rumors in a candid interview with GQ.

In a sparkling interview with GQ, the 26-year-antique version delved into diverse topics, starting from her newfound appreciation for the long-lasting series “Sex and the City” to her hit skincare brand, Rhode. During the interview, she additionally touched on her dating together along with her husband, Justin Bieber, who’s 29 years old, and addressed the continuing hypothesis concerning her pregnancy

Hailey Bieber

Hailey  Bieber expressed her frustration with the recurrent pregnancy rumors, stating, “Lately, there have been quite a few hypotheses about me being pregnant, and it is now no longer the primary time this has happened. It’s disheartening when people can’t just accept that I might be feeling a bit bloated without assuming I’m expecting.”

Referring to the potential day when such news becomes a reality, she shared, “When that time does come, the internet will be the last to find out.” Despite the persistent online rumors, she emphasized her anticipation and excitement for the prospect of becoming a mother.

12 Years Old

Hailey Bieber expressed her anticipation for motherhood and emphasized its profoundly personal and intimate nature, stating, “It’s something I eagerly await, and it will happen in its own time.”

She found it amusing how much attention and curiosity people have about it, remarking, “It’s pretty funny how invested people are in this. Let me make my choices about my body, and let everyone else make their own decisions, and let’s respect those boundaries.

Hailey Bieber first crossed paths with Justin Bieber when she was just 12 years old, back in 2009, when he appeared on the “Today” show. Reflecting on their history, she shared with the magazine, “I’ve known him for a significant portion of my life.

Skincare Brand

Regarding her skincare brand, Rhode, which she introduced in June 2022, Hailey Bieber revealed to GQ that managing this business venture has further bolstered her self-assurance and self-identity.

Although she has been married to Justin Bieber since 2018, Hailey discussed in a previous interview with The Times in May how external scrutiny has influenced her perspective on embarking on the path to motherhood.

Expressing her deep emotions, she shared, “This topic makes me cry frequently! I have a strong desire for children, but I also grapple with fear.”

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Hailey Bieber

As the founder of Rhode Skin, she pointed out how she already finds it challenging to handle the criticisms directed at her husband and friends, adding, “I can’t fathom the idea of having to deal with people making comments about a child.

She also disclosed their approach to parenthood, stating, “Our primary goal is to provide the best upbringing possible for them, ensuring they always feel loved and secure.”


It’s worth noting that in 2019, Justin Bieber publicly apologized for a controversial April Fools’ pregnancy prank involving Instagram photos that mistakenly suggested Hailey Bieber was expecting, a gesture that some found to be insensitive.

Nonetheless, the model eagerly anticipates the prospect of motherhood. She stresses the profoundly personal and private nature of this journey, asserting that it will happen when the time is right.

In a candid reflection, she finds it amusing how much attention people invest in this matter.

She advocates for personal choice and bodily autonomy, declaring, “Let me make my decisions about my body, and let others make theirs, and let’s respect those boundaries.”

Future Baby Hailey Bieber 

Adding a touch of humor, Hailey Bieber playfully mentions the idea of getting a Nepo Baby onesie for her future child, saying, “Yes, for my future baby! That would be a brilliant idea.”

Nevertheless, Hailey Bieber has shown resilience in the face of relentless scrutiny of her life. In her discussion with GQ Hype, she admitted that she’s in a positive state of mind and experiencing profound contentment.

She affirmed, “I firmly believe this is my rightful place. There were times when I felt disconnected from myself and my body for various reasons. Currently, I feel a deep sense of clarity, stability, and happiness in my life. My focus is solely on the present.

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