Houston Maritime Attorney

Houston Maritime Attorney

Our experienced Maritime Injury Attorneys at Patrick Daniel Law in Houston are skilled in handling challenging cases involving maritime injuries, which other law firms in the area may consider too complex.

In Houston, dealing with Admiralty Law, also known as Marine Injury Law, presents many peculiarities and contradictions. Recognizing these inconsistencies requires expertise, a quality we consistently exhibit in every case brought to our Houston law office by our proficient Maritime Lawyer.

Houston Maritime Attorney

In Houston, proficient Maritime Accident Lawyers are prepared to assist injured sailors or dock workers in obtaining the financial support needed to recover from serious injuries and manage ongoing medical costs resulting from their offshore work.

Occurrences in harbors, docks, or on ‘navigable waters’—like rivers and the ocean—are encompassed by this legal classification.

Maritime Workers

In Houston, experienced Maritime Accident Lawyers are prepared to assist injured sailors or dock workers in obtaining the financial assistance necessary to recover from severe injuries and manage ongoing medical expenses resulting from their offshore work.

Accidents in harbors, docks, or on ‘navigable waters’—such as rivers and the ocean—fall under this legal category.

Naval Injuries

In certain maritime situations, Houston Maritime Attorneys may encounter disadvantages while benefiting from advantages in other cases involving naval injuries.

Understanding these complexities demands the proficiency of a seasoned Houston Maritime Lawyer. If you have suffered injuries in Houston, Harris County, Pasadena, or Baytown, we can suggest the top five best Houston Maritime Attorneys to support you.

Kurt Brynilde Arnold is recognized as the top-ranked Houston Maritime Attorney.

Kurt Arnold dedicates himself completely to every case he handles. With a proven record of securing billions for his clients, he has achieved historic results with pioneering verdicts and settlements, including recovering over $1 billion in a single year on several occasions.

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Following significant maritime disasters like the Deepwater Horizon and the El Faro, Kurt has been instrumental in aiding clients in recovering their losses. Kurt is undeterred by challenges or complexities, rejecting ‘No’ as an answer.

Kurt consistently fights for his clients during crises, demonstrating unwavering determination regardless of the task’s scale. Co-founding Arnold & Itkin at 25, Kurt has amassed an impressive record of over 100 jury verdicts and settlements, totaling more than $100 million.

Gregory S. Baumgartner is recognized as the second-best Houston Maritime Attorney.

The esteemed Houston Maritime Attorney has been aiding those seriously injured for over thirty years. Our legal expertise is concentrated on cases involving severe injuries and tragic deaths resulting from automobile accidents, bar negligence, and nursery injuries.

We intentionally restrict new cases and prioritize our clients to offer your case the highest level of care. For over 35 years, we have been protecting the post-accident financial futures of Texas families! The initial consultation for an injury accident is always free of charge, and we take pride in honoring professional referrals.

Patrick Daniel is recognized as the third-best Houston Maritime Attorney.

Based in Houston, Patrick Daniel Litigation is a Texas-based personal injury litigation firm established and led by Patrick Daniel.

Patrick has received recognition and accolades, including being named in Louisiana Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40 and Louisiana Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars 2012 lists. He is actively involved in various professional associations and is a Texas and Louisiana State Bars member.

For a free consultation, text (713) 903-7588 or contact Patrick at (713) 999-6666 for any questions regarding your injuries.

In addition to his expertise in auto and trucking accidents, Patrick specializes in personal injury law, covering various practice areas.

  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Ensuring Accountability
  • for Medical Malpractice and Product Liability Construction and Agricultural
  • Accident Claims Injuries Arising
  • Maritime Accidents Bus Accidents Prescription Drug Litigation

Charles “Chuck” Sanders is recognized as the fourth-best Houston Maritime Attorney. Charles Sanders, co-founder and partner at The Rose Sanders Law Firm, is a highly skilled litigator renowned for his firm demeanor when facing opposing counsel in the courtroom.

With a dedicated commitment to assisting injured individuals and contesting insurance companies on their behalf, Charles previously held the position of Personal Injury Docket Manager at Erica Rose Law Firm, PLLC. He established the Rose Sanders Law Firm with his wife and co-founder, Erica Rose Sanders.

Cristina I. Goulet is recognized as the fifth-best Houston Maritime Attorney.

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