Hundreds of Patients and Newborns Largest Hospital From Gaza’s

The Palestinian government has positioned forth a suggestion for the evacuation of a medical institution in Gaza; this is presently going through excessive fighting.

Health officers are emphasizing the urgency to name a cease-hearthplace and deliver the about 36 newborns trapped inside the medical institution to a more secure region beneath the supervision of the Red Cross.

Israeli forces have surrounded Shifa Hospital, where many patients, medical personnel, and displaced individuals are currently stranded. The hospital is facing a shortage of supplies and lacks electricity to power essential equipment such as incubators.

Health Center in Gaza

The biggest health center in Gaza has ended up a powerful image of the struggling who persevered with the aid of using Palestinians in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, which has far-attaining consequences. Presently, only one hospital in the northern part of the territory remains functional and able to admit patients. As a result, approximately 200,000 Palestinians have fled the area, seeking refuge in the south, where living conditions continue to deteriorate.

The U.N. humanitarian office reported this information on Tuesday.

The ongoing conflict, which has entered its sixth week, was initiated by a surprise attack from Hamas on Israel. In this attack, militants caused the unfortunate deaths of hundreds of civilians and forcibly took around 240 hostages back to Gaza.

Throughout the conflict, thousands of Palestinian civilians have lost their lives, and the impoverished enclave has suffered extensive destruction.

On Monday, Hamas released a video that displayed the life of one of the hostages, Noa Marciano, aged 19, before and after her death, allegedly due to an Israeli strike.

The military has recognized her as a fallen soldier, although the cause of her death remains unidentified.

Noa Marciano is the initial hostage to be confirmed deceased while in captivity. Hamas freed four hostages, while Israeli forces successfully rescued a fifth.


Israel has accused Hamas of utilizing hospitals as a means to shield its fighters. Additionally, they allege that the militants have established their primary command center within and beneath Shifa. Although Israel claims these assertions are supported by intelligence, there is currently no visual evidence provided to substantiate these claims.

Both Hamas and the staff at Shifa Hospital vehemently deny the allegations, and the Health Ministry in Gaza, which is under Hamas rule, has extended invitations to international organizations to investigate the matter.

According to the ministry, a total of 40 patients, including three infants, have lost their lives since the hospital’s emergency generator depleted its fuel on Saturday.

The military claims to have stationed fuel several blocks away from Shifa, but the ministry refutes the allegation made by Hamas militants, stating that it was unsafe for staff members to go outside.

Shifa Hospital

As per the ministry’s report, there are currently 36 infants in critical condition at risk of losing their lives due to the unavailability of power for incubators. The Israeli military has initiated efforts to transport incubators to Shifa Hospital.

However, Christian Lindmeier, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization, stated that the incubators would be rendered ineffective without electricity. He further emphasized the urgent need to relocate the newborns from Gaza to ensure their survival.

He informed The Associated Press that having another hospital under siege or attack is not a feasible solution as nowhere in Gaza is currently safe.

He also mentioned that an evacuation would necessitate specialized equipment and a cease-fire along the route.

Health Ministry

The Health Ministry spokesperson, Ashraf al-Qidra, has suggested evacuating the hospital under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross and transferring patients to hospitals in Egypt. However, there has yet to be a response to this proposal.

Al-Qidra has also mentioned that due to safety concerns, 120 bodies will be laid to rest in a mass grave within the hospital premises, as it is not possible to transport them to cemeteries.

Health Ministry

During times of war, hospitals are granted special protections under international law. However, these protections can be revoked if hospitals are exploited for concealing fighters or storing weapons.

In such cases, it is imperative that sufficient warning be provided to evacuate the staff and patients. Additionally, any harm inflicted upon civilians must not exceed what is necessary to achieve the military objective.

The military recently released footage showing a children’s hospital that its forces entered over the weekend. The video revealed weapons discovered inside, as well as basement rooms where militants were suspected of holding hostages. Interestingly, the video also showcased a hastily installed toilet and ventilation system in the basement.

The allegations were refuted by the Health Ministry, which stated that the area had been transformed into a shelter for displaced individuals.

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On Monday, the Red Cross attempted to evacuate approximately 6,000 individuals from Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City. However, their convoy was forced to retreat due to ongoing shelling and clashes.


Israel has urged civilians to evacuate Gaza City and surrounding areas in the north, but the southern part of the besieged territory is not much safer. Israel carries out frequent airstrikes throughout Gaza, hitting what it says are militant targets but often killing women and children.

Currently, over two-thirds of Gaza’s population, equivalent to approximately 1.5 million Palestinians, have been displaced from their homes. The already overstretched U.N.-administered shelters in the southern region are facing severe overcrowding.


Amidst such circumstances, people endure hours-long queuing for barely available bread and brackish water. Accumulating waste, flooding of streets due to overflowing sewage, and water shortages resulting from the lack of power to the water systems have further exacerbated the situation. Notably, Israel has halted fuel imports since the conflict’s initiation, citing concerns about potential military utilization by Hamas.

The rainy and cold weather worsened the already miserable conditions. In a tent camp near a hospital in Deir al-Balah, individuals struggled through mud while trying to cover flimsy tents with plastic tarps.

“We lost all our tents due to the rain,” remarked Iqbal Abu Saud, who fled Gaza City with 30 of her relatives.

“How much longer will we have to endure this?”

The UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees is currently facing challenges in delivering essential services to more than 600,000 individuals seeking shelter in schools and other facilities in the southern area. It has recently announced the possibility of fuel depletion by Wednesday, which may lead to the suspension of various aid operations.

Moreover, due to the limited availability of food and medicine imports through Egypt’s Rafah crossing, Gaza’s sole connection to the outside world, the agency’s ability to meet the needs of the affected population is further compromised.


Since the inception of the war, over 11,000 Palestinians, with two-thirds of them being women and minors, have lost their lives, as per the Health Ministry’s records. It is important to note that the Health Ministry does not distinguish between civilian and militant casualties. Furthermore, approximately 2,700 individuals have been reported as missing.

The casualties on the Israeli side of the conflict amount to a significant loss, with over 1,200 individuals killed, primarily civilians who fell victim to the initial Hamas attack. The military also reports 46 soldiers dead from ground operations in Gaza, while thousands of militants have been neutralized.

Palestinians Health Ministry 

Given the ongoing rocket attacks by Palestinian militants in the vicinity of Gaza, approximately 250,000 Israelis have been forced to evacuate their homes. Additionally, tensions remain high along the northern border, where Israel and the Hezbollah militant group from Lebanon have engaged in repeated confrontations.

At least seven Palestinians were killed overnight during an Israeli raid in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, as reported by the Palestinian Health Ministry on Tuesday.

The ongoing war has also contributed to increased tensions. Since October 7, over 190 Palestinians have lost their lives in the West Bank. The army has not issued an immediate comment.

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