Israel attack Gaza after 250 killed

Israel initiated a series of aerial assaults on the blockaded Gaza Strip in response to an unprecedented military operation conducted by the Palestinian armed group Hamas, including ground and air actions against Israel.

According to reports from health authorities in Gaza, the Israeli airstrikes have resulted in the loss of lives, with a reported death toll of at least 198 Palestinians. Additionally, over 1,600 individuals have been reported as injured in these attacks.

Israeli authorities have reported a rising death toll, with at least 100 confirmed dead and hundreds more sustaining injuries.

Hamas Attacks

Experts are highlighting that the character of the Hamas attacks on  represents an unprecedented development in recent years and has the potential to reshape the dynamics of the long-standing conflict in the region.

In Ashkelon, located in southern , police officers evacuated a woman and a child from a location that had been struck by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli death toll rises to at least 250

Based on information provided by rescue service officials, reports from media indicate that the surprise early morning attack by Hamas on Saturday resulted in a tragic toll, with at least 250 individuals losing their lives and 1,500 others sustaining injuries.

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This incident stands as the deadliest attack on Israel in decades.

On the other side, the Gaza Strip has also experienced a significant loss of life, with at least 232 people reported as killed and a minimum of 1,700 individuals wounded in airstrikes, as written by the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Social Media Videos

Hamas militants have taken an undisclosed number of civilians and soldiers as captives into Gaza, a compassionate matter  with distressing scenes documented in social media videos.Among the casualties in Israel was the loss of Lt. Col. Jonathan Steinberg, a distinguished senior officer who had commanded the Nahal Brigade, a prominent infantry unit within the military.

Residents in Rishon Lezion, Israel, seek refuge in a bomb shelter.

Saudi foreign minister talks to Blinken, urges halt to violence

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, conversed with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, emphasizing the need to end the ongoing violence in and around Gaza. A statement from the Saudi Foreign Ministry, released Saturday night, indicated that the two diplomats discussed “the urgency of pursuing an immediate cessation of the escalation.

Prince Faisal

Prince Faisal stressed “the kingdom’s condemnation of the deliberate harm to civilians” and underscored the importance of all parties adhering to international humanitarian law.

Saudi Arabia has been discussing with the White House the possibility of establishing diplomatic ties with Israel. However, the recent extraordinary attack on Israel initiated by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Saturday has cast uncertainty over these diplomatic efforts.

Netanyahu vows revenge after surprise Hamas attack

In a televised address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed that the conflict against the militant group Hamas, which initiated a sudden incursion into Israel on Saturday, is expected to be a protracted endeavor

The most recent outbreak of conflict occurred when many Hamas fighters breached the Gaza Strip’s border and entered nearby Israeli communities. This surprising early morning assault happened during a major Jewish holiday, resulting in numerous casualties, including fatalities and abductions, marking an unprecedented escalation in the ongoing tensions.

Netanyahu declared that the Israeli military would employ its full force to incapacitate Hamas’ capabilities. Additionally, he relentlessly committed to exact a substantial cost should any harm come to the Israeli hostages held by Hamas, emphasizing that even the slightest damage to them would not go unanswered.

Israel has upheld a blockade on Gaza since Hamas took control of the region in 2007. These longstanding adversaries have engaged in four armed conflicts since that time.

Jordanian king talks to Biden, warns against escalation

King Abdullah II of Jordan has urged the international community to step up its endeavors to quell the intensifying violence between the Palestinians and Israel.

King Abdullah

In a statement from the Royal Palace, it was disclosed that King Abdullah had a conversation with President Joe Biden, during which they discussed strategies to prevent the conflict from escalating further and safeguarding the well-being of civilians.

Abdullah cautioned against the persistence of the escalation, emphasizing its potential adverse consequences for the region. He highlighted the imperative of exercising restraint, ensuring the safety of civilians, and upholding international humanitarian law.


During an extraordinary and unexpected early morning attack on a major Jewish holiday last Saturday, Hamas militants launched thousands of rockets.

They infiltrated Israeli towns close to the Gaza Strip with dozens of fighters. This event marked the most lethal assault on Israel in many years.

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