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Naseem Shah has recently shared who replied to Urvashi Rautela’s message. The Pakistani cricketer disclosed the information during an interview. However, it is important to rephrase the article to avoid plagiarism. Here’s an example:

In a recent interview, Naseem Shah disclosed the identity of the person who responded to Urvashi Rautela’s message. The Pakistani cricketer shared this information, but the article needs to be rephrased to avoid any instances of plagiarism.

Pakistan pacer Naseem Shah has sooner or later discovered that it become now no longer him, however his supervisor who answered to Indian version and actress Urvashi Rautela’s touch upon Instagram, which has given that emerge as a warm subject matter for the hearsay turbines of each countries.

During a communicate display on a personal TV channel, the interviewer requested Naseem what the plans had been concerning his upcoming excursion to India for the ICC World Cup 2023.

Before he may want to even entire the question, Naseem answered: “My handiest plan is to play cricket. I don’t have any different plans.”

The interviewer then requested if he had no plans to peer Rautela, Naseem stated he had none.

The purported social media interplay among the younger pacer and Rautela has been one of the maximum thrilling subjects these days as Pakistanis need to recognise if there’s in reality some thing cooking among the 2.

Naseem and the ex-festival winner were related to every different because of a fan-made video, published through the version after a Pakistan-India in shape in Asia Cup 2022. Naseem Shah become gambling withinside the in shape and Rautela become a few of the spectators.

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The video confirmed the version smiling and blushing, and coincidentally, Shah become additionally recorded smiling at some stage in the identical in shape — giving her the possibility to juxtapose herself withinside the video.

Since the emergence of the video, the relationship between Naseem Shah and Rautela has been a topic of conversation in the city, and as a result, fans have been searching for any information available. interplay among the 2 on social media.

Months after posting the video, the Indian version and actress Urvashi Rautela become at it again.

She needed the pacer a “glad birthday” on Instagram because the cricketer became 20 this year.

The former beauty pageant winner left a comment on one of Naseem Shah’s Instagram posts, which congratulated his teammate Shadab Khan on his marriage. In his caption, Naseem had conveyed his felicitations and said, “Heartiest congratulations to my younger brother, Shadab, […] May Allah bestow upon both of you a life full of love and joy on this special day.” and also added his “Best Wishes Always” for Shadab’s married life.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police.

Deep down withinside the remarks segment become a birthday want through Rautela for the younger pacer along a congratulatory message for being conferred with an honorary Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) rank through the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police.

Naseem Shah exhibits who answered to Urvashi Rautela
The individual left a comment which stated, “Wishing you a happy birthday, @inaseemshah, and offering congratulations on being awarded the honorary DSP rank.

To anybody’s surprise, the younger cricketer answered to the version with a humble “thanks” accompanied through an emoji gesturing gratitude with each arms joined together.

However, at some stage in the interview, Naseem Shah sooner or later broke the silence on the problem and shared that it become now no longer he that responded to the comment however his supervisor.

Urvashi Rautela

He stated that he doesn’t see his Instagram account lots so he had advised his supervisor to reply if he acquired any birthday wishes.

“I didn’t recognise that he [manager] might write thanks to simply anyone,” the younger cricketer stated smilingly.

When brought about to inform if he likes Rautela or now no longer, Naseem Shah stated that he loves all of the people.

My personal viewpoint is that every individual is a human being and it’s impossible to be flawless.. I have love for all people, but I don’t take anything personally,” he said.

Pakistan’s fast bowler Naseem Shah shared the significance of Eid ul Fitr with the New Zealand cricket team, giving them a glimpse into how Muslims celebrate the occasion with their loved ones. During the interaction, Naseem introduced the Kiwi players to Sheer Khurma, which is one of the most delicious dishes served during Eid.

In a tweet, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shared the moment, saying, “A sweet way to celebrate Eid with our guests. Naseem Shah, the fast bowler, expressed his happiness on the occasion of Eid and introduced the New Zealand cricket team to Sheer Khurma.

Naseem explained what Muslims typically eat, wear, and how they greet each other on Eid. He went on to talk about the significance of Sheer Khurma, stating that it is a special dish that is prepared for Eid after the morning prayers.

The pacer also demonstrated how everyone meets and greets each other after prayers with a hug. He also discussed eidi, a tradition where elders give children money or gifts as a token of love.

After the conversation, the New Zealand players tasted the Sheer Khurma and shared their thoughts on the cultural experience.

Social Media

Social media users on Twitter are speculating about the nature of the interaction between Urvashi Rautela and Naseem Shah, following their latest exchange on the platform.

This is the initial instance when the Indian actor and Pakistani cricketer have engaged with each other on social media ever since Naseem’s statement during a media interview in 2022. not aware of who Urvashi was.

In the past, Urvashi had shared a fan-made video of herself and Naseem on Instagram that received criticism and was not well-received by the cricketer’s fans in Pakistan. Now, Naseem’s response to Urvashi’s birthday message has sparked amusement among certain sections of Twitter users in Pakistan. Naseem recently turned 20 on February 15.


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