A group of officials from the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) of Punjab and the Lahore police conducted a raid in Lahore on Friday night in order to apprehend a high-ranking member.of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central. President Chaudhry Parvez Elahi.

Police Mission failed

On Friday, the Punjab Police conducted a raid at the residence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Parvez Elahi in an attempt to arrest him. The PTI has expressed strong criticism of the police’s actions, raising concerns about the arrests of its members and leaders.

The eight-hour lengthy police movement got here to a halt after Sohail Zafar Chattha, the Director General of Punjab’s Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), left the scene in conjunction with the police contingent.

Chattha, speaking to the media humans at the previous leader minister’s house, denied any wrongdoing. He stated that they did now no longer act illegally and that a petroleum bomb turned into thrown on the police birthday birthday celebration who got here to arrest Elahi.

He cited that the movement turned into initiated through people at Elahi’s house, who have been now no longer cooperating with the police. Chattha’s appointment as DG ACE turned into objected to through the PTI. The Imran Khan-led birthday birthday celebration additionally challenged the choice of the Punjab caretaker authorities in courtroom docket in February this year.

Earlier, the police and anti-corruption officers in part halted their operation, claiming that despite the fact that Elahi isn’t always gift at his house, his cell phone’s vicinity indicates that he’s gift there. But after records from the arrested residence assist that Elahi is at his house, they resumed it.

No search warrant required

At least 27 people, includieng servants running withinside the family of the previous Punjab leader minister and PTI people protesting on the scene were arrested through the police.

The raid on Parvez Elahi’s residence occurred shortly after talks between the PTI and Pakistan Democratic Movement-led government regarding election dates. The PTI had requested a halt to the arrests of its members during the talks, and warned that continued arrests would hinder progress. talks would possibly derail if the regulation enforcers‘ moves do now no longer come to a halt.

Analysts stated that the strain techniques of the government are giving a lift to Khan’s popularity, noting that not one of the contributors from the authorities’s facet has confronted such late-night time raids so far.

Earlier this year, in February, the police carried out two raids on the house of the former Chief Minister of Punjab, but did not arrest him.In March, Punjab Police additionally raided Khan’s Zaman Park house, which turned into referred to as off after courtroom docket orders.


A heavy contingent of police, in conjunction with the professional of anti-corruption officers, raided Elahi’s residence. The police cordoned off the Chaudhary Zahoor Elahi Road outside the residence in some unspecified time in the future of the operation.
An armoured employees carrier (APC) of police broke the principle gate of the house after the human beings withinside the residence resisted the regulation enforcers and attempted to forestall the arrest. Police declare that stones have been pelted at them, which injured police employees and reporters masking the incident.

SP Ammara Shirazi, observed through a group of woman police officers, entered Elahi’s residence and carried out a raid. They got here again from the residence after a short seek.

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No seek warrant required’

According to Elahi’s legal professional Amir Saeed, the police officers meant to arrest his patron, regardless of him having been granted bail in a case through the Lahore High Court (LHC). Officials from the anti-corruption branch then demanded to look the courtroom docket’s bail order at some point of the raid.

Speaking to the media, Elahi’s legal professional said that LHC’s Justice Tariq Saleem Shaikh had granted his patron pre-arrest bail till May 6. Saeed introduced that the order of the excessive courtroom docket is constantly obtained on the following day. We have made them talk to the court docket’s expert over the issue,” he stated.

Anti-corruption branch instructed the media that the regulation enforcers have raided the residence to tell the PTI president that he had now no longer obtained bail withinside the case, however because of the resistance confronted from inside, police needed to take movement.

The officers stated that the regulation enforcers might now no longer depart the vicinity till Elahi’s arrest because the vicinity indicates him here. “Searching warrant not always required”

Without giving in addition details, the officers stated that a case has been registered in opposition to Elahi in Gujranwala.

No rule of regulation in Moonis Elahi


Moonis Elahi, the son of the former Punjab chief minister, has criticized the police operation, stating that the Punjab police have come to their house to arrest his father despite the fact that he is not present there. The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) of Punjab and the Lahore police carried out the operation in Lahore on Friday night to apprehend a senior member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. being granted bail withinside the case in advance today.
Elahi’s bail listening to have been extensively blanketed through the media, he stated in a tweet.

Moonis has additionally noted former top minister Khan’s current announcement concerning the guideline of thumb of regulation in Pakistan, agreeing with him that it has certainly come to an stop withinside the u . s ..



PTI leader Khan strongly condemned the police movement in opposition to Elahi, announcing that it turned into an unlawful raid on his home, with out a regard for the presence of ladies and own circle of relatives contributors.
Taking to Twitter, Khan expressed his difficulty concerning the dismantling of democracy in Pakistan, affirming that the Constitution, Supreme Court’s verdicts, and essential rights of the human beings are being disrespected, and the regulation of the jungle is being imposed.

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Khan alleged that the London Plan turned into getting used to weigh down his birthday birthday celebration’s morale. He stated that his personal house turned into attacked and now the equal is being accomplished to Elahi through a collection of corrupt people and their handlers.
He wondered whether or not the nation might dare raid the houses of the looters and cash launderers including the Sharif and Zardari households withinside the equal manner.


Declaring that sufficient is sufficient, Khan introduced that he might gift a roadmap to the country on a way to face up to the destruction of Pakistan’s charter and democracy.

Fawad Chaudhry, the senior vice-president of the PTI, has criticised the late-night time raid at the house of the birthday birthday celebration’s president.


Chaudhry, taking to Twitter, stated that the police movement function proof that authorities ministers — Ishaq Dar, Saad Rafique, and Azam Nazeer Tarar — don’t have any credibility of their authorities.

Ali Zaidi, the President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Sindh, has criticized the police’s action at Parvez Elahi’s residence, calling it “state terrorism.”. Zaidi alleged that the authorities is the use of the police pressure to unharness terror in opposition to PTI.

He criticised the authorities for negotiating with the PTI on the only hand whilst the use of immoderate pressure to interrupt down doorways and input their houses at the other. Zaidi additionally expressed difficulty that the u . s . turned into being driven toward anarchy.

Furthermore, he talked about that the gate that the police had overwhelmed at some point of the raid is likewise utilized by Chaudhary Shujaat.

‘Which organization now no longer being politically manipulated’

He, whilst speakme to the media humans, emphasized that the anti-corruption frame turned into now no longer being exploited for political gains. He stated that the ones in positions of energy are regularly those liable for corruption.

When a journalist raised the query of why movement is taken most effective after a central authority departs, the ACE professional lamented, announcing it’s far the conventional tradition in Pakistan.

The journalist in addition probed whether or not the anti-corruption organization itself turned into being politically manipulated, to which Waqas conceded that it turned into a truth of Pakistan’s political landscape. He introduced that nearly each organization withinside the u . s . is subjected to political interference.

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