Rakhi Sawant’s marriage On January 11, the news to her boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani, was widely reported.

The actress confirmed the news on her social media accounts after wedding pictures went viral. However, it appears that the couple is now facing some challenges in their marriage. In an interview with Times, Rakhi Sawant revealed that she and Adil Durrani are experiencing marital problems.

Rakhi Sawant disclosed that she got married to Adil in July of the previous year after knowing him for only three months.

They had a marriage ceremony and a court . Adil had requested her not to disclose the marriage, and she had remained silent for the past seven months. According to Rakhi, Adil felt that it would be challenging to find a suitable match for his sister if people found out about their marriage, saying that “if you associate yourself with Rakhi Sawant, you will be defamed.

Rakhi Sawant Marriage Nikah Ceremony


Rakhi Sawant then explained that while she and Adil are still living together as husband and wife, there are issues between them that she is not ready to disclose at the moment.

She intends to reveal everything when the time is right. Despite the problems, Rakhi Sawant wants to continue being married to Adil, as she believes in their relationship. She mentioned that she has observed certain things that make her feel like a lot has transpired.Ceremony

Adil Khan Durrani Congratulations

As per reports, Rakhi Sawant, who was previously in a relationship with Adil Durrani, has recently gotten married to him in a court wedding Ceremony.

In a video shared by Rakhi, she can be seen wearing a printed red and pink sharara along with a beige dupatta on her head. Adil, on the other hand, is dressed in a black shirt and denim.

The couple was wearing garlands and signing some documents, which seemed to be a part of their marriage certification process.

Upon learning of Adil’s denial of their marriage, Rakhi Sawant was devastated and broke down in tears. She expressed her confusion to the website, stating that she had provided all the evidence of their marriage Ceremony and did not understand why he was denying it.

Rakhi shared that Adil had asked her to keep their marriage a secret for a year due to his sister’s wedding, and she had trusted him and even participated in Bigg Boss Marathi 4.

Rakhi also hinted at Adil’s infidelity while she was away in the Bigg Boss house. She mentioned that she had seen something on his phone and that a lot had happened while she was locked up inside the house. However, she stated that she wants to save her marriage and wants the world to know that she is married to Adil.

It is worth noting that Rakhi Sawant was previously married to Ritesh Singh, and the two had entered Bigg Boss 15 together but separated soon after the show’s finale. In February 2022, Rakhi announced her separation from Ritesh and claimed that the decision to end the relationship was his.

Rakhi Sawant is currently going through a difficult time as her mother is battling brain cancer in the hospital. However, in addition to this, she is also facing turmoil in her personal life. Rakhi claims that her husband, Adil, is denying their marriage Ceremony, leaving her feeling confused and upset.

Rakhi states that she changed her name and converted to Islam for Adil, and has been doing everything according to his wishes. She wanted to make their wedding public, but Adil asked her not to tell the media. Despite this, the marriage certificate and Nikahnama are both in place, and the ceremony was conducted by a Maulana, as seen in a video. So, Rakhi is perplexed as to why Adil is now denying their marriage.

Rakhi alleges that she has not had a single peaceful moment since the wedding and implores Adil to stop his cruelty towards her. She also reveals that the couple is still living together as husband and wife.

The Nikahnama shows that Rakhi married Adil on May 29, 2022, at her home in Mumbai. The ceremony took place at 1:30 p.m., and Rakhi was given a meher of Rs 51,786. A Vakil and two witnesses were present at the Nikah.

Despite the confusion surrounding their marriage, Rakhi posted a video on her Instagram in which she is seen with Adil and captioned it, “I am happy with my marriage. Love my Husband Adil Khan Durrani.”

Rakhi Sawant recently shared a series of photos from her wedding on Instagram and expressed her excitement and happiness, stating that she has married Adil and loves him unconditionally. She also posted a reel where she was seen putting the garland around Adil’s neck.

The wedding took place on May 29, 2022, but they kept it a private affair. Rakhi has converted to Islam for her nikah, and her name is now Rakhi Sawant Fatima. Her lawyer confirmed this to IANS.

In an earlier interview with ETimes, Rakhi revealed that she had married Adil after three months of knowing him. They had a nikah ceremony and a court marriage, but Adil stopped her from disclosing it to the media, as he feared it would affect his sister’s chances of finding a suitor. Rakhi was previously married to Ritesh Raj, and the two even participated in Bigg Boss 15.

Rakhi and Adil had been dating for a while, and at an event in May last year, she announced their relationship publicly. Rakhi was also recently a participant in Bigg Boss Marathi.

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