Sara Sharif’s grandfather revealed that the father of the 10-year-old girl, Muhammad Sharif, believes her death was accidental. Muhammad, also the father of Urfan Sharif (Sara Sharif dad), shared this perspective during an interview with the News.

Sara Sharif Relatives claimed death father detained

He stated that he had met his son, Urfan, upon his arrival in Pakistan.

Muhammad believed that the tragic incident involving Sara was unintentional, but he did not receive specific details on how it occurred. He also mentioned that Urfan had left the UK due to feelings of fear.
Post-mortem examinations revealed that Sara suffered

“numerous and severe injuries.”

Despite weeks of efforts, Pakistani authorities have not successfully located Urfan, his partner, and his brother, who are currently wanted by the police.

British law enforcement authorities are seeking to interview the three family members as part of their homicide inquiry. However, it is worth noting that the trio departed from the United Kingdom for Pakistan on 9 August, just one day before Sara Sharif remains were discovered in Woking, Surrey.

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Jhelum City 

In an interview with the BBC, Muhammad affirmed that he had encountered his son, Urfan, in Pakistan when Urfan visited Jhelum. This city holds special significance as it is where Urfan was raised and where a significant portion of its family continues to reside.

When questioned about Urfan’s decision to come to Pakistan despite the belief that the death was accidental, Muhammad responded, “It was due to fear. When one goes through such a traumatic experience of losing a daughter, it’s understandable that rational thinking may be clouded.

Pakistan, Mr. Sharif

When asked about his sentiments regarding his son’s trip to Pakistan, Mr. Sharif said, “All I can say is that they should have confronted the legal proceedings. They should have stayed there instead of coming to Pakistan and addressed the situation.

” He added, “Ultimately, they will return to the UK to address their case.”

During the conversation, Muhammad displayed visible distress, particularly when discussing Sara Sharif .
I carry profound sorrow over the loss of my granddaughter.

This grief is something I will take with me for the remainder of my life.

Muhammad shared that his granddaughter had visited Pakistan twice, describing her as a beautiful soul. He emphasized that it was impossible to pinpoint just one aspect that made her unique, as she was an adorable granddaughter.

He had a clear and direct message for his son, Urfan, Urfan’s partner Beinash Batool, and his brother Faisal Malik. These three individuals departed from the UK on 9 August, and law enforcement authorities are eager to engage with them regarding the ongoing murder investigation.

Wherever they may be, I hope they can hear this message. I plea for them to come forward and address their case, whatever it entails. They should respond to the inquiries; I do not advocate for them to remain in concealment.

Pakistan Police

Pakistan police, the family is believed to have arrived at Islamabad International Airport early on 10 August. They then traveled to Jhelum, where they stayed for a few days. During their visit, they briefly stopped in the village of Domeli for a few hours before departing on 13 August.


Muhammad refuted claims that he had been in recent contact with Urfan. Police informed the BBC that initially, the family had stated that Urfan had not visited them at all. Muhammad clarified that this information was inaccurate and that he had never denied seeing his son,

who resides in the UK.

Urfan’s family members in Pakistan have filed legal complaints against the Jhelum police twice, alleging the unlawful detention of several of Urfan’s brothers and brothers-in-law. During the initial instance, the police assured that there would be no further arrests.

However, during the court proceedings on Tuesday, the police refuted any involvement in holding them. In response, the judge instructed the police to provide a detailed report within the next two weeks, explaining the circumstances surrounding this matter.

Muhammad Sharif shared his concerns with us:

“Over the past three weeks, we have faced numerous challenges. Some of my sons evade authorities, while others are in police custody. There is a prevailing fear of contacting us due to apprehensions regarding law enforcement.

Speaking to the BBC, Sara Sharif grandfather described the girl’s death as an “accident.” He believed the three family members who departed from the UK for Pakistan would eventually return to cooperate with police inquiries.

Muhammad Sharif disclosed that he had encountered Sara Sharif father shortly after his arrival in Jhelum, Pakistan, and mentioned that his son had left the UK due to feelings of “fear.”

Surrey police are actively seeking information to understand Sara Sharif life better.

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