As the confusion of moon sighting fades away, the Eid festivities are finally here, marking a time for families to head towards the cinemas.

There is a range of films to choose from, including a star-studded heist movie, a poignant love story set during the partition-era, and an adrenaline-fueled action thriller about a Lyari boxer. films

This Eid offers something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of romance, action, drama, or suspense. Don’t miss out on this cinematic extravaganza! So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be taken on a journey through life, love, and everything in between.

1 – Money Back Guarantee films


Audiences familiar with Fawad Khan’s usual roles as a composed and charming romantic lead or an intense rebel will be taken aback this Eid. “Money Back Guarantee,” a satirical crime-comedy directed by Faisal Qureshi and produced by Shayan Khan, takes place in a fictitious land with fictitious currency, politicians, and population, but the movie tackles real issues.

The director shared with The Express Tribune, “I was quite sure that people will like the films. The director shared that the people in their country are extremely interested in politics. However, they decided to present it in a humorous manner. He further added that watching the news these days often leaves people feeling disheartened. Therefore, he thought of making the audience smile with the same concept. The movie doesn’t take any specific side and is not in favor of or against anyone.

Mikaal Zulfiqar, who plays a role in the movie, shared a similar opinion, stating that “More than political satire, I would say it’s a social satire.” He added, “That’s the beauty of comedy. You can get your message across without hurting too many sentiments. We kept this film fun and games, and I believe many of us will relate to the film.”

Money Back Guarantee features Jawed Sheikh, Gohar Rasheed, Ayesha Omar, and many other stars in completely new roles. The film also marks the acting debuts of Wasim Akram and his wife Shaniera Akram, adding to the excitement. Additionally, the crime-comedy nods to the popular series Money Heist, with fans drawing connections between the plot and execution of the film to the Spanish show. With all this star power and nods to popular series, it’s definitely worth watching films!

Huey Tum Ajnabi

The movie does not have a happy ending, and the trailer shows glimpses of a systematic campaign of genocidal rape and the destruction of a monument. The film may offer some hard-earned truths amidst a sea of propaganda-based films, especially since it marks a journalist’s venture into filmmaking.

In an interview with a local news channel, Shahid explained that he wanted to experiment with the historic genre. “Shahid, while his film “Huey Tum Ajnabi” is primarily a romantic movie, people in the industry were not open to exploring this genre. As a result, he chose to direct a film on the 1971 war instead. Typically, the movies produced in their industry fall under the categories of comedies or romantic comedies.. It is rare to see filmmakers exploring other areas.” Huey Tum Ajnabi stars The movie features a star-studded cast including Shamoon Abbasi, Sohail Ahmed, Mahmood Aslam, Shafqat Cheema, Samina Peerzada, and Ayesha Omar, and is being distributed by Mandviwalla Entertainment..


If we missed the chance to watch Abu Aleeha’s film on Javed Iqbal, we now have the opportunity to see him shine a light on another story from the slums of the country. The movie Daadal, which is a gangster crime thriller, showcases the dark and brutal underworld of Lyari. Sonya Hussain plays the lead role of a boxer in the film.

Aleeha refers to Daadal as a films that explores the metaphor of crime, mafias, and gangsters. “In an interview with a local publication prior to the release of the film, Abu Aleeha stated, “My film is my personal take on the underworld of Lyari, as seen through the perspective of a female boxer

Abu Aleeha, who previously made a film on Javed Iqbal, is now set to release Daadal, a gangster crime thriller set in the slums of Lyari.

The film features Sonya Hussain as a female boxer and depicts the underworld of Lyari as a horrifying, brutal, and complicated place.

According to Aleeha, his research into the gang war history of Lyari led him to discover that it was Daadal Baloch, father of the infamous Rehman dakait, who started the trend of organised crime, rackets, and extortion in Lyari.

The film focuses on the story of a boxer named Haya Baloch, who becomes a contract killer to avenge her sister’s honor. Daadal also stars Mohsin Abbas Haider, Shamoon Abbasi, Maira Khan, and Adnan Shah Tipu.

After much anticipation, the trailer of the upcoming Pakistani film, Dadal, has been released. The plot of the film revolves around Haya Baloch, a well-known female boxer hailing from the Lyari locality of Karachi.. Sonya Hussyn is set to play the role of Haya Baloch, while Mohsin Abbas Haider will portray a police officer in the film.

The trailer offers a sneak peek into the thrilling world of boxing and crime, leaving the audience excited for what’s to come. Fans of both actors are eagerly anticipating the release of the film, looking forward to their outstanding performances on the big screen.

Abu Aleeha, also known as Ali Sajjd Shah, was born on July 31st, 1981, and started his career as a crime and investigative reporter for major English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.

He is best known for his film Javed Iqbal and has directed nine films to date, including Kataksha and Sheenogai. While some films, including Tevar, Udham Patakh, Shotcut, and Javed Iqbal, have already been released to the public, Daadal, Lockdown, and Once Upon a Time in Karachi have completed production but are yet to be released. production but are yet to be released.

Overall, 12 of his films have been printed and distributed, with Main Khamyaza Sahil Ka, Ali ki Ein, and Kukri being particularly well-known.

Maira Khan was first introduced to viewers on the popular Indian television show, Jaise Jante Nahin. After her appearance on the popular Indian television show Jaise Jante Nahin, Maira Khan has been featured on multiple television programs airing on PTV, Indus TV, Hum TV, ARY TV, TV One, and Geo TV,. Additionally, she has hosted her chat show and worked as a VJ for Play TV.

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