Walmart Making Business For Tthe Future 

Walmart, the renowned global mega-retailer originating from Arkansas, embarked on a transformative journey that continues to shape its trajectory in 2024.

The retail giant is strategically investing in cutting-edge technology and expanding its inventory, propelling it into new industries and promising a revamped shopping experience for its customers.

CEO Doug McMillon

Walmart’s fourth-quarter earnings, which will be released before Tuesday’s market opening, will be a critical indicator of the success and direction of its recent endeavors.

CEO Doug McMillon is anticipated to elaborate on the company’s fresh strategies and initiatives, shedding more light on their potential outcomes.

In response to past criticism regarding worker compensation, Walmart is increasing pay for a portion of its workforce. However, this move comes with increased investments, which Jeffries analysts highlighted as the company’s significant risk.

This aspect was a focal point in discussions with investors, indicating potential challenges for Walmart.

In April, Walmart reported midway through a billion-dollar store renovation initiative to enhance customer engagement and shopping experiences. Notable changes include:

Relocating pharmacies to the front of the store with new private screening rooms.

Improving the presentation of home goods.

Widening aisles.

Walmart did not comment in response to a request for further information.

Stock split

The retail giant has revealed a 3-for-1 stock split scheduled to be implemented this week. This move involves dividing a single share into multiple shares. According to Walrt’s plan, individuals holding shares as of the close of business on February 22 will receive two additional new shares of Walrt for each share they currently own.

Stock Volatility

Following the stock split, when markets open on February 26, investors will maintain the exact total value of their stock holdings. However, they will possess three times the shares they previously held, with each share now valued at a third of its original price.

Stock splits can make a company’s stock more accessible to smaller, individual investors. They can also enhance a company’s liquidity and generate more demand for its stock.

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However, lower prices resulting from splits can also attract day traders, potentially leading to increased stock price volatility.

Walmart explained that the decision to enact a 3-for-1 split was partly aimed at ensuring that employees find it easy to purchase shares, aligning with its goal of broadening ownership among its workforce.

Store manager salaries

Walmart increased the average pay of its store managers from $117,000 to $128,000 on April 1, marking a 9% raise.

This is the first pay increase for store managers in a decade. In a recent announcement, the company announced its plans to revamp the managers’ bonus program, emphasizing store profitability and sales metrics.

According to a press release, managers will now have their bonuses calculated with more significant consideration for store profits, with the potential for bonuses of up to 200% of their base pay for those who meet all targets.

As major retail chains aim to enhance their appeal to employees and address rising turnover rates amid increasing labor organization activities, Walrt’s decision to adjust its managerial bonus program is noteworthy. Labor groups have previously voiced concerns regarding worker compensation, working hours, and benefits at the retail giant.

All about tech

Last month, Walrt unveiled its latest technology initiatives at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, generating significant excitement.

During the event, McMillon, the company’s CEO, delivered the keynote address, highlighting a futuristic vision reminiscent of “The Jetsons,” featuring rapid drone delivery and AI-driven predictive online ordering. However, McMillan acknowledged that realizing this vision would pose significant challenges.

Projects  Announced

It’s crucial to acknowledge that several of the projects  announced are presently limited to specific markets, although the company has outlined plans to expand them throughout the year. However, the effects of these initiatives in these selected markets may take time to reflect on its balance sheet.

Walmart Partnership  Microsoft

According to the company’s announcement, Walmart is integrating artificial intelligence across its operations, from supply chain management to its existing app and in-home service enhancements. Walmart also disclosed plans to enhance its utilization of generative AI through a partnership with Microsoft.

Quieter stores, at least temporarily

Walmart has recently implemented various alterations to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

Starting in November, the retail giant initiated a practice where in-store televisions display static images, the sound system is muted, and the lighting is dimmed for several hours daily.


Walmart noted that these adjustments, discovered during a trial run for back-to-school shopping, mainly cater to neurodiverse individuals—customers and employees—with sensory disabilities. In the past, Walmart also introduced special morning shopping hours for older and vulnerable consumers during the pandemic.

Burt Flickinger, a retail expert and managing director of retail consultancy Strategic Resource Group, commended Walmart’s savvy business approach in catering to the needs of specific customers.

In a competitive landscape where discount retailers are increasingly competing for consumer spending, Walmart’s initiatives not only enhance its relationship with customers but also have the potential to draw in more foot traffic, prolong shopping durations in its stores,” Flickinger remarked.

How will customers react?

Seeking to transition away from pandemic-induced shopping routines, Walmart is taking a page from Costco’s playbook by reintroducing in-store sampling to entice customers back to its stores.

The retail giant initiated this effort in June, offering demos in 125 locations every weekend and expressing intentions to expand to 1,000 locations by year-end. Stubbyintl has contacted Walmart to inquire about the current number of stores offering free samples.

Walmart’s stock (WMT)

Americans have endured some of the most significant price increases in years, although inflation appears moderate. Analysts from Telsey Group suggest that consumers are likely to remain resilient and discerning in their spending habits as they gradually shift toward more discretionary purchases.

During periods of economic strain, Walmart typically excels, as evidenced by last year when inflation-weary customers gravitated towards the retail giant, contrasting with challenges faced by its primary competitor, Target. Walmart’s stock (WMT), currently hovering around $170 per share, has reached an all-time high.

While Walmart may encounter shifts in consumer behavior, Insider Intelligence analyst Blake Droesch predicts continued growth in its e-commerce and advertising ventures throughout 2024.

Analysts surveyed by FactSet anticipate that Walmart’s upcoming earnings report will reveal increases in earnings per share, revenue, and profits compared to the previous quarter.

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