Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers

Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers March 2024

Discover Houston’s finest Houston, TX, Personal Injury Lawyers with our curated list. Our selection process considers critical criteria, such as legal experience, licenses, certifications, education, awards, etc. Explore our guide to locate the ideal local personal injury attorney to address your needs.

Refer to the method section below for an in-depth explanation of the criteria for choosing the attorneys featured on our list.

List of Personal Injury Attorneys in Houston, Texas:

  • Robert E. Ammons
  • Ron Bankston
  • Edward F. Blizzard
  • Michael T. Gallagher
  • Dara G. Hegar
  • Jason A. Itkin
  • Scott C. Krist
  • Andrew Sher
  • R. Daniel Sorey
  • Randall O. Sorrels

Texas Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers Injury Laws

Each state has distinct Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers. Familiarizing yourself with Texas’s specific laws can significantly affect your ability to seek compensation.

Texas Statute of Limitations

Texas’s statute of limitations for filing a Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers case is two years from the injury. This legal time limit provides a specific period for individuals to prepare and submit their claims. After two years, individuals who might have been at fault can find relief knowing they are no longer subject to potential lawsuits.

Determining Fault in Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers

Various rules determine fault in legal cases, with one prevalent example being “changed comparative negligence” used in Texas.

This rule governs how courts assign damages when both parties share partial blame for an injury. For instance, consider a car accident resulting in $10,000 in damages to your vehicle.

If the court determines you were 10% responsible and the other driver 90% responsible, you would receive $9,000 in Texas (after reducing your award by the percentage you were at fault).

Crucial Accident

It’s crucial to note that if the other driver counter-sued $20,000 in damages to their car and the jury found them over 50% responsible for the accident, they would be barred from recovering anything.

This differs from states that apply the regular comparative negligence rule. The other driver would be entitled to recover some of their damages in such states. For example, if they were found 10% responsible, they could recover $2,000 of the $9,000 they had to pay you.

Caps on Medical Malpractice Awards in Texas

Texas has established limits on the amount juries can award plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases. These limits only pertain to non-economic damages. While treatment costs or lost wages are not capped, compensation for pain and suffering is limited to $500,000 overall and $250,000 per defendant.

There is a cap on wrongful death claims in medical malpractice cases, initially set at $500,000 and currently adjusted for inflation to approximately $2 million.

Discovering the Top Personal Injury Attorney in Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers

Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers specialize in various areas, such as car accidents, workers’ compensation, or class action lawsuits. When seeking a Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers, it’s essential to select one with experience in your specific accident type. Look for a professional, affordable, and reputable lawyer.

Many attorneys provide free consultations. Here is a list of questions you should ask during your consultation:

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What Type of Experience Do They Have?

Before the consultation, inquire about the attorney’s experience with your injury type. For example, seek a lawyer specializing in such cases if you were in a car accident.

┬áIf your injury occurred at work, seek a lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation claims and labor laws. For injuries related to product malfunctions, find a lawyer with expertise in product liability cases.

Selecting an attorney with experience in your type of personal injury ensures they understand the steps for your case. They can adeptly handle legal complexities, facilitate medical access, and manage insurance coverage on your behalf.

How Do They Communicate With Clients?

Suffering an injury in an accident can leave you feeling isolated, frustrated, and confused. Effective communication is crucial to feeling supported and informed throughout the legal process.

Discuss the lawyer’s communication approach, ensuring they maintain regular updates because of the potentially lengthy nature of personal injury cases. Seek a Houston personal injury lawyer who promptly communicates important notices requiring your review and response.

How Expensive Are They?

Personal injury attorneys typically operate on a contingency basis, wherein they receive a percentage of your settlement and nothing if you don’t receive compensation. When considering their fee structure, seek someone within the standard range for contingency fees, which usually fall between 33% and 40% in Houston.

While more experienced Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers may charge higher fees, their ability to negotiate higher settlements often justifies the expense.

What Proportion of Their Business Derives from Lawyer Referrals?

While not immediately apparent, the reputation of a personal injury lawyer among their peers is crucial. Being referred by other Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers who will vouch for their skill speaks volumes about the attorney’s competence.

How Professional Is Their Office?

During your initial consultation, observe if the lawyer appears organized and attentive to detail. A well-maintained, orderly office often shows that the lawyer is competent, capable, and can handle your case effectively.

How Houston Statutes Affect Personal Injury Claims

Understanding Texas statutes is crucial if you’re injured in Houston, as they dictate the timeframe for filing a Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers lawsuit.

According to the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Title 2, Section 16.003, you typically have two years from the injury to sue. Missing this deadline could cause forfeiting your right to seek compensation.

Government Deadline

Exceptions to the two-year time limit exist. For instance, if you’re a minor or incapacitated, unable to sue before the deadline, the statute may be “tolled” (paused), enabling you to seek justice later.

However, if a government entity caused your injury, your timeframe for pursuing compensation may be much shorter than the two years set by the statutes.

Given that your circumstances can impact the timeframe for suing, it’s crucial to seek legal advice promptly. Top Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston can assist you in navigating the legal process, ensuring you meet all critical deadlines, and helping you pursue fair compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 How much of a settlement does a Houston personal injury attorney typically receive?

Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers typically receive 30 to 40% of the compensation they help you get. In certain situations, an attorney may accept a lower percentage if you settle before trial. Depending on when you agree to compensation during the case, you might negotiate a lower fee percentage with your attorney.

Regardless of the percentage, it’s essential to fully understand how your attorney will be compensated and what their percentage covers.

Consider a scenario where you have a $100,000 settlement with $10,000 in expenses, and your attorney’s contingency fee is 30%.

Determining whether the costs are deducted is crucial before calculating the fee. If not, the expenses may come from your 70% or the attorney’s 30% share, resulting in your receiving $63,000, $60,000, or $70,000, respectively. Understanding how your attorney will be paid is vital when agreeing to their representation.

Q2 What is the non-emergency contact number for the Houston Police Department?

The Houston Police Department’s non-emergency contact number is (713) 884-3131. This number is suitable for situations like minor accidents without injuries or reporting a crime that has already happened, such as a hit-and-run.

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