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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers March 2024

Every 8 minutes, someone is injured in a Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, according to the National Highway Traffic Association. These injuries often result in severe consequences, leading to vulnerable plaintiffs and significant legal disputes.

If you’ve been involved in a Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, contacting a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer is crucial. At 1-800-THE-LAW2, we have a network of experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyers ready to offer a free consultation about your case.

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There are no upfront fees; you only pay if your attorney successfully secures a settlement on your behalf.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Common Causes

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers can result from various factors, including instances where the driver:

  • Was speeding or driving recklessly
  • Failed to stop at a traffic signal
  • Did not consider environmental conditions (e.g., presence of schoolchildren, elderly)
  • Did not yield the right of way to a pedestrian
  • Failed to check before turning into a crosswalk

It’s important to note that these reasons need to be more comprehensive. If the defendant’s actions contributed to your injuries, you may have a legal basis for a claim to seek compensation.

Serious Injuries Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, you may have the right to sue and seek compensation for the defendant’s negligence or misconduct.

Compensation may cover the following damages:

  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

In extreme cases, such as when the defendant’s actions are intentionally malicious or reckless, you may be eligible to seek punitive damages. This could significantly increase your total compensation, reaching hundreds or even millions.

How do punitive damages work?

Punitive damages penalize the defendant for their behavior and deter others from engaging in similar misconduct.

For instance, if a drunk driver hits a Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, they may also face a lawsuit for punitive damages. This is done to raise the amount they must pay (and therefore discourage others from driving under the influence).

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Punitive damages are a multiplier on the base damages amount, potentially reaching up to seven times the total damages. For instance, if you’re seeking $100,000 in compensation for a Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, punitive damages could amount to as much as $700,000, resulting in a total recovery of $800,000.

Therefore, if applicable, you and your attorney must pursue a claim for punitive damages.

How Does Pedestrian Right Of Way Work?

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers right-of-way regulations may differ from state to state, but the fundamental principles are generally consistent. In essence, pedestrians typically have the right-of-way when crossing the street at a designated crosswalk or traffic signal, even if it’s a mid-block crossing.

What does this imply?

Essentially, suppose you, as a Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, have the right-of-way when a driver hits you. In that case, it will be much easier to demonstrate that the driver was negligent and is liable for your injuries.

It’s important to understand that Pedestrian Accident Lawyers do not always have the right-of-way, affecting their ability to seek legal action and receive compensation for damages.

If a pedestrian crosses the street without the right of way, a court might determine that they are partially responsible for their injuries.

This may result in a complete bar to recovering any damages in certain states. However, in most states, you will still be able to recover damages, albeit with a reduction corresponding to your share of fault.

You can dispute this assertion by demonstrating that even if you were not granted the right-of-way as a pedestrian, the defendant-driver was aware of your presence while crossing the street and should have taken reasonable measures to prevent a collision. Failure to do so would strengthen your claim for damages.

Why Early Legal Representation is Crucial

Frequently, individuals wait too long before consulting with a personal injury attorney, only to discover that the window to file a claim has closed. If you fail to file a claim within your state’s statute of limitations, you risk forfeiting your ability to sue for damages, potentially resulting in no compensation.

Don’t make the same mistake!

The earlier you initiate legal proceedings for your pedestrian accident, the higher the likelihood of securing complete compensation. At 1-800-THE-LAW2, we collaborate with a cadre of seasoned personal injury lawyers with a proven track record in handling diverse claims, including those related to pedestrian accidents.


Question: Could I pursue legal action against the driver if I was crossing the street illegally?

Answer: You can still sue the driver, but the outcome depends on the specific circumstances.

Crossing the street illegally, such as jaywalking (crossing mid-block without a crosswalk), may result in you being partially at fault for your injuries. However, the driver can still be held responsible if they were aware of your crossing and could have taken steps to avoid hitting you.

If you illegally cross the street and are hit by a car without warning (meaning the driver had no time to see and avoid you), you may have a claim against the driver for the accident.

Question: What occurs if the driver lacks insurance or insufficient coverage?

Answer: If the driver at fault has no insurance or limited coverage, you can still pursue substantial damages for your injuries, but your legal approach may need to adapt.

Initially, assess if you have substantial uninsured motorist coverage through your insurance policy. If you do, this could be a viable avenue for seeking compensation.

Additionally, consider exploring legal actions against other potentially liable parties besides the driver. For instance, if the accident resulted from the driver losing control due to defective brakes, you might have grounds to sue the car manufacturer for damages.

Question: Should I make upfront payments to my pedestrian accident attorney?

Answer: You do not have to pay your pedestrian accident attorney upfront.

Most pedestrian accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement benefits both the plaintiff and the attorney.

The attorney covers all initial expenses for the plaintiff, such as medical costs, hiring investigators, engaging experts, and litigation expenses. In return, the attorney receives a percentage of the compensation recovered at the end of the case.

Contingency fees are only payable if the attorney successfully secures compensation on your behalf. In other words, you only pay if you win the case. This setup motivates the attorney to work diligently and efficiently on your behalf.

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