Israel-Hamas war live Fighting

The Israeli military escalated its pursuit of militants on Monday, with Israel’s prime minister pledging to use strong measures to overcome them. The death toll from the ongoing three-day conflict has risen to approximately 1,600, with at least 11 Americans among the casualties.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has applied a complete blockade on Gaza, vowing to disrupt the delivery of electricity, food, and gasoline to the region, which is domestic to over 2 million Palestinians.

The Israeli military, having mobilized 300,000 reservists, launched a substantial aerial offensive against Gaza in an attempt to halt the firing of Hamas rockets towards Israeli border towns. In response, Hamas issued a warning that hostages would be at risk if attacks targeted civilians without prior notice.

During a brief evening speech to the nation in Hebrew, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the retaliatory strikes in Gaza marked only the beginning.

He declared, “The movements we take towards our adversaries inside the days in advance will go away an enduring impact, echoing via generations.” He emphasized that once the marketing campaign concludes, it will likely be abundantly clear to all our enemies that attacking Israel was a grave error.

Additionally, Prime Minister Netanyahu paid a visit to the towns located near the Gaza border, where thousands of Israelis had been evacuated. During his visit, he assured local leaders of the government’s full support and assistance.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh took to social media on Monday, expressing concern over what he described as “massacres occurring and entire families being devastated” in Gaza. He also noted that over 100,000 people have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict. Shtayyeh reiterated his stance that Israel bore responsibility for the war, citing years of what he referred to as “occupation and aggression.”

While some emerging reports suggest potential Iranian involvement, given Iran’s historical support for Hamas, a White House adviser clarified that the administration lacked direct information about such participation.


∎ Israeli Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari confirmed that the military has successfully secured control of the communities along the Gaza border, with sporadic fighting being the only ongoing activity.

∎ The death toll is approximately 900 in Israel and over 680 in Gaza, where 2.3 million Palestinians reside. Hamas alleged that four hostages they had taken were killed by Israeli airstrikes, resulting in more than 3,700 reported injuries, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. Israel, on the other hand, has written over 2,500 injuries.

∎ In the farming village of Beeri, rescue workers discovered the remains of 100 individuals, which amounts to approximately 10% of the village’s population. This grim discovery followed a prolonged hostage standoff involving armed individuals to the east of the Gaza Strip.

∎ The White House announced that President Joe Biden has directed his team to collaborate closely with Israel, addressing all aspects of the crisis and maintaining communication with regional partners to discourage any opportunistic actions during this situation.

∎ The Biden administration further stated that the White House would be lit up in the blue and white colors of the Israeli flag on Monday night. This gesture symbolizes the enduring 75-year relationship between the United States and Israel and reaffirms American support in the aftermath of the attacks.

11 Americans killed in Israel

The confirmed number of U.S. casualties continues to increase. President Biden stated on Monday afternoon that the toll has now reached 11. He expressed his deep sorrow, describing the situation as “heart-wrenching,” with families experiencing profound suffering due to unjustifiable hatred and violence.

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President Biden also noted that there are still some U.S. citizens whose whereabouts remain unknown, and he mentioned the possibility that American citizens might be among those held by Hamas. He reassured the public that his administration is actively collaborating with Israeli authorities to secure the release of these hostages.

The exact number of Americans who might have been taken captive remains uncertain. Hamas and other militant groups have asserted that they hold more than 130 hostages. Abu Obeida, the spokesperson for Hamas’ armed faction, has stated that a captive Israeli civilian will be executed if Israel targets civilians in Gaza homes without prior warning.

During a conference call with journalists, John Kirby, the spokesperson for the National Security Council, was questioned about the possibility of involving U.S. troops in a conflict between Israel and Hamas, mainly if Iran or the militant organization Hezbollah were found to be responsible for the attacks. Kirby emphasized that there are no plans to deploy U.S. troops on the ground. However, he affirmed that the President is committed to taking necessary measures to safeguard the nation’s security.

Israel requests weapons from US

Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the Biden administration for its support during his address. Privately, his government has contacted the Pentagon to request various weapons, including missile interceptors, to enhance its Iron Dome system’s capabilities and artillery rounds. The White House promptly responded, confirming that the initial shipment of these requested weapons was en route.

Israel has also inquired about acquiring precision-guided weaponry, which typically employs satellite or laser guidance systems to ensure precise targeting, thereby minimizing harm to civilians and infrastructure. This arsenal encompasses missiles, multiple-launched rockets, and bombs designed for deployment via aircraft, ships, artillery, or rocket launchers.

However, it’s worth noting that the anticipated request for additional funding from the White House may encounter uncertainties in Congress. This is particularly notable given the current absence of a permanent House Speaker following the recent removal of Republican Kevin McCarthy from the position.

What is Hamas?

Hamas existed in 1987 during the initial Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. The group’s charter outlines its objective of establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in place of the current state of Israel.

Hamas is a militant organization committed to eradicating Israel and has received the designation of a terrorist group from the United States, the European Union, and various other nations. Since its electoral victory in 2007, the political wing of Hamas has been in control of Gaza.

On Saturday, the Israeli military estimated that approximately 1,000 Hamas fighters infiltrated the Israeli border, leading to violent incidents, including the shooting of numerous civilians and the abduction of individuals who were subsequently taken to Gaza. Hamas, recognized as the most prominent Palestinian militant group, has also launched rockets from Gaza that have targeted various Israeli cities.

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