Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow

According to the team’s announcement on Friday, Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow will be sidelined for the remainder of the season because of a torn ligament in his right wrist.

During the second quarter of Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, quarterback¬† Joe Burrow left the field after throwing a 4-yard touchdown pass to Joe Mixon, which briefly gave the Bengals a 10-7 lead.

Joe Burrow, who was later confirmed by coach Zac Taylor to be injured, is expected to undergo surgery due to the injury. Immediately after the touchdown pass, he exhibited visible signs of pain, clutching his wrist.

Zac Taylor

On Friday, he mentioned that the injury most likely occurred during the previous play. He landed on his wrist after being hit by Jadeveon Clowney following a 9-yard pass to Mixon. Joe Burrow mentioned that he was unaware of landing on his wrist until he saw a video of the play.

Joe Burrow expressed, “During the throw, I experienced a pop in the middle. I attempted to continue but was unable to complete it. Today, I received the official news, confirming my expectations.” Joe Burrow had a completion rate of 11 out of 17 passes for 101 yards and a touchdown before exiting the game.

Social Media

According to an anonymous source familiar with the situation, Joe Burrow claimed that his injury resulted from the hit. The NFL has investigated why he was not listed on the team’s pregame injury report. However, the details of the review should be publicly discussed.

The Bengals shared a social media video that seemed to show Joe Burrow wearing a soft cast before the game. However, the star QB clarified that he was wearing a compression sleeve, which he had worn on previous flights.

After leaving the game, Joe Burrow attempted practice throws on the sideline. However, he experienced pain and winced as the ball slipped out of his hand. Subsequently, Joe Burrow expressed frustration and headed to the locker room.


Unfortunately, Joe Burrow NFL career has been marred by season-ending injuries, with the most recent occurring in Week 11. In 2020, he tore both his ACL and MCL in his left knee during a game against Washington.

However, he made a remarkable comeback the following year and led Cincinnati to its first Super Bowl appearance in over three decades, dating back to the 1988 season.

Joe Burrow expressed his experience handling situations like this, indicating he is not fazed by it. “It’s just football, these things happen, and you have to adapt,” he said. Taylor also displayed confidence in Joe Burrow ability to recover and move forward.

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Joe Burrow Injury

Taylor stated that the individual in question possesses a unique programming, which has consequently played a pivotal role in their lifetime achievements.

This distinctive programming enables them to surmount obstacles and face challenges head-on, approaching life with determination and resilience.

Joe Burrow injury-plagued season came to a close with Friday’s news. Before the regular season started, he signed a five-year contract extension valued at $275 million, setting a new record for an NFL player with an average of $55 million per season.

San Francisco

During the second day of training camp, he encountered a calf injury, resulting in his absence from the preseason. However, he returned just in time for the regular season’s commencement.

Unfortunately, the Bengals faced difficulties during this period, recording three losses out of their first four games. Within this duration, Joe Burrow threw two touchdowns and two interceptions, resulting in a below-average passer rating of 69.1.

McCarron Roster

After an impressive four-game winning streak, which included victories over San Francisco and Buffalo, Joe Burrow and the Bengals appeared to have reversed their fortunes; in Week 8, he threw three touchdowns and boasted a passer rating of 134.8 in a 31-17 triumph over the 49ers. In a prime-time game, he recorded a season-high 348 yards and two touchdowns against the Bills.

The Bengals have lost their previous two matches and hold a record of 5-5. Backup quarterback Jake Browning is expected to serve as the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. Furthermore, they also have veteran AJ McCarron included in their roster.

Jake Browning

Jake Browning completed 8 out of 14 passes for 68 yards and delivered a touchdown towards the end of the fourth quarter. Before serving as Joe Burrow’s backup this season, Browning spent two seasons on the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad.

Browning was a player at the University of Washington and did not get drafted. He spent the practice squad of Minnesota for the 2019 and ’20 seasons.

On Friday afternoon, Taylor expressed his continued confidence in Browning.

Playing quarterback involves more than just putting on a brave face and trying to fool everyone. The key is confidence, which comes from doing the necessary work. Jake, in particular, has demonstrated his commitment through his actions. His teammates highly respect him due to the effort he puts in. Additionally, his thoughtful questions during meetings show his dedication to being prepared.

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