Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner Choose an Amicable Path

In the wake of their separation announcement in May, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner have opted for an amicable resolution in their divorce proceedings.

Kevin and Christine Costner Reach a Cordial and Mutually Accepted Resolution in Their Divorce

Fast News TODAY

Arnold Robinson, the representative for Kevin Costner, communicated via email with Fast News TODAY on Tuesday, sharing that the former couple has achieved an amicable and jointly agreed-upon settlement regarding all matters related to their divorce proceedings.

The specifics of the divorce agreement remain confidential.

After a challenging legal dispute, which included Christine Baumgartner’s request for $175,057 in child support during a two-day court hearing in Santa Barbara in August, as reported by People magazine, Costner and Baumgartner have resolved.

The former couple has three children together, namely sons Hayes (14) and Cayden (16) and their 13-year-old daughter, Grace.

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Monthly Payments

The request represented a significant uptick, exceeding $45,000 compared to the initial tentative order of $129,755, which Kevin Costner was required to pay.

Throughout the hearing,

Christine Baumgartner’s attorney, John Rydell, argued for the increase in child support by emphasizing the ingrained oceanfront lifestyle provided to the three children and stating that it was now an integral part of their lives. Ultimately, the court mandated that Costner make monthly payments of $63,209 to Baumgartner, as People and Fox News Digital reported.

Costner and Baumgartner, with her career as a model and handbag designer, embarked on their romantic journey in 1998, culminating in their marriage at Kevin Costner’s Colorado ranch in 2004.

Mr. Costner

After nearly 19 years together, the couple made the sad announcement of their divorce in May.
In a statement during that period, Arnold Robinson expressed, “It is with deep regret that Mr. Costner finds himself compelled to end his marriage due to circumstances beyond his control.

Kevin Costner Declares Divorce:

Yellowstone’ Actor and Wife Christine Baumgartner Separating After Almost Two Decades of Marriage

Network TV series

Kevin Costner, the celebrated 68-year-old actor renowned for his Oscar and Emmy awards, notably his role in the Paramount Network TV series “Yellowstone,” as well as his performances in acclaimed films like “Dances With Wolves,” “The Bodyguard,” and “Bull Durham,” is embarking on his second divorce, marking the end of his nearly 19-year marriage to Christine Baumgartner.


Costner expressed his admiration for his wife following their joint appearance at the 2022 Academy Awards, where they graced the red carpet as a couple.

Costner sported a timeless black-and-white tuxedo during the event, while Baumgartner elegantly wore a two-toned strapless dress.

Kevin Costner’s Affectionate Words for His Companion

In a heartfelt Instagram post during that occasion, Costner shared, “How exquisite is my companion?”

Kevin Costner’s Unexpected Divorce: A Surprising Turn in a Long-Term Marriage

The couple had previously engaged in a legal battle regarding child support payments. Following a comprehensive two-day hearing, during which Kevin Costner, aged 68, and Christine Baumgartner, aged 49, testified, a judge ruled on September 8.

As per a report by People magazine, Costner was ordered to provide approximately $63,000 per month to support their three children.

Kevin Costner’s Colorado

This amount significantly contrasted with Baumgartner’s initial monthly request of about $175,000.
Costner and Baumgartner, the latter being a model and handbag designer, initiated their relationship in 1998 and subsequently tied the knot at Kevin Costner’s Colorado ranch in 2004.

The couple shares two sons, aged 16 and 14, and a 12-year-old daughter.

This marked Kevin Costner’s second marriage. The illustrious actor, renowned for his Oscar and Emmy awards, notably for his role in the television series “Yellowstone” and acclaimed films like “Dances With Wolves,” “The Bodyguard,” and “Bull Durham,” also has four adult children from prior relationships.

Dances With Wolves

In the aftermath of his triumph in the child support dispute, Kevin Costner, known for his role in “The Bodyguard,” openly acknowledged the distressing nature of the protracted court battle.

Access Hollywood

During an interview with Access Hollywood after his legal victory, he shared his sentiments: “This is an agonizing situation to be in, but regrettably, this is where we find ourselves. It’s incredibly painful. We’re discussing someone I deeply care for on the other side, and I just can’t escape that.”

When questioned by the outlet about whether he still harbored affection for his estranged wife, Costner responded affirmatively, saying, “Of course.”

The Oscar-winning actor emphasized that despite making light-hearted remarks while on the witness stand, he wasn’t taking their divorce proceedings lightly and acknowledged the gravity of the situation.

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