I had always aspired to achieve well-defined, sculpted arms. I had tried doing push-ups, lifting a handful of dumbbells, and bouncing around on the various upper body machines at the gym, but alas, toned arms remained elusive.

I used to tell myself that one day I would invest in a personal trainer, perhaps before a significant life event like getting engaged.

Future Fitness App: Experience-Based Review October (2023)

However, as time went by, these life events came and went, and I never did hire a personal trainer, primarily due to the steep costs associated with it, often exceeding $70 per session.

Then, my route led me to find out Future.

I determined to present Future, a customised health schooling Future Fitness App a shot, hoping it would maintain the important thing to unlocking the health way of life I had usually envisioned. Now, after a month of the usage of this Future Fitness App, I’m keen to proportion my revel in and offer a evaluate of the adventure so far.

Future at a Glance


Future is greater than only a private education service; it is a tailor-made health enjoy to be had each time you want it, whether or not at home, the gym, or traveling.

This progressive Future Fitness App simplifies distant education, seamlessly connecting you with a personal instructor of your preference..

Workout Routines

Your selected teacher designs customized workout routines for your goals, requirements, timetable, and location. Moreover, Future maintains tabs on your development via integration with an Apple Watch, allowing your train to screen your coronary heart fee and calorie expenditure as you interact with your workout routines.

Features I liked:


From coaches and sporting events to timing and exercising length, the whole thing the Future revels in is adapted to you. Do you opt for a gentler training fashion primarily based totally on nice reinforcement?

No problem—inform the Future Fitness App while you signal up. Do you have a terrible knee that acts up while you run? Your train will paint around that, too. Hate morning workouts? Easy—workout at some stage that feels great for you.


Your teacher can see an exercise through your Apple Watch while you begin and end. They could sing your bodily development alongside the manner by gazing at your coronary heart rate. This makes it tough to break out by skipping out or slacking on workouts.


Future makes real-time monitoring viable by syncing the Future Fitness App together with your Apple Watch. Don’t have one? Future will ship you an eye fixed on the mortgage as long as you operate the Future Fitness App. You’ll additionally get hold of a loose Future branded water bottle as a welcome gift.

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What I didn’t like:

Out of sync.

While the Apple Watch is a pleasant bonus and allows you to hold an energetic way of life even as outdoors as the gym, the watch and Future Fitness App didn’t continually sync as seamlessly as one might hope—as a minimum for me.

Apple Watch Workout

One characteristic of the watch is to manually faucet to the following workout as soon as one set is complete. On numerous occasions, this capability didn’t work the watch caught more than one sporting activity in the back and might every so often pass in advance too a long way while seeking to capture up.

Luckily, you may additionally click on thru and restart units through your smartphone.

Phone dependent.

As Future is an app, your smartphone is needed to view and circulate through sporting activities at some stage during every exercise. The watch is supposed to provide a hands-unfastened experience.

However, inside the times, while it doesn’t sync or skips in advance, you want your smartphone to view your sporting activities and circulate onto the following set, which means you’re connected on your smartphone for a maximum of the exercising.

Also, if you don’t already have personal Bluetooth headphones, now is a terrific time to invest—and ensure your exercise equipment has pockets

only for iPhones.

Currently, Future is the most effective to be had for iPhone users, consistent with the company.

What is Future Fitness App?

Future is a virtual non-public education app primarily based totally on the concept of partnership.

Using generation to foster relationships among coaches and customers, Future Fitness App Pursues to combine health into their customers’ lives seamlessly by developing a unique enjoyment designed for every person and their abilities, vicinity, and interest preferences.

Rishi Mandal and CTO

Founded in 2017 through CEO Rishi Mandal and CTO Justin Santamaria, Future Fitness App is primarily based in San Francisco; however, because of its digital nature, the enterprise employs coaches nationwide. Nearly one hundred coaches are presently indexed on the enterprise’s website.


However, that range fluctuates primarily based on availability, as every teacher takes on a restrained range of customers to ensure customized enjoyment for everyone.

Coaches are to have maximum hours of the day throughout the week and a few weekend days primarily based on their male or female schedules, which can be communicated with customers.

In addition to exercises furnished through coaches, Future additionally gives personal exercises that may be delivered for your routine and playlists to keep you inspired as you move. Users also can get entry to the Future shop and buy Future branded clothing through the Future Fitness App.

Signing Up

You can join up for Future on its website, wherein you’re asked to finish a survey that pairs you with a train, which incorporates questions on your gender, cutting-edge exercising habits, destiny health goals, motivation, specific interests, beyond health-demanding situations, and more.


You’ve also requested approximately your train preferences, including their gender, character kind, and depth level. Once you complete the survey, Future offers numerous training options, imparting headshots and bios of every train.

You can pick your train at this degree or wait and pass ahead in developing your consumer profile. Future coaches are licensed throughout various fields, including non-public schooling (along with ACE, ISSA, NASM, and more), weight loss plans and vitamins, CrossFit, and yoga.

Future coaches

You can extend your train at any time for the duration of your membership. After you pick a train, Future connects you with them and schedules an introductory FaceTime call. I obtained a video message from my train within some hours of signing up and started messaging with her the same night. (All messaging takes location in the Future Fitness App

Introductory calls

take location at the date of your preference and are used as the inspiration for your schooling relationship.

You get to realize your train and speak your lifestyle habits, schedule, Future Future Fitness App health history

(to the quantity you’re comfortable with),

health goals, an exercising plan, and every other component of your health adventure you pick to address.

I selected a train who became additionally credentialed in vitamins and spoke with her about my weight loss plan and how to incorporate vitamins into my schooling plan.

Your Future revel is primarily based on your non-public possibilities and lifestyle,

which include the number of workout routines your instructor designs for you in line with the week and what the workout routines entail

3 days a week

As a person who generally sports activities 3 days a week, I selected a five-day exercise plan with relaxation days integrated into every week.

I additionally instructed my instructor on which sports I experience most, which sporting activities I’d like to enhance, and what gadgets

I will have in my gym.

Based on this information, my instructor constructed an exercise agenda with an aggregate of high-depth c language training (HIIT) sessions, spin classes, treadmill runs and sprints, weight lifting, body weight sporting activities, and yoga.

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