Listen Song with George,Paul,Ringo,John 2023

Presenting the last Beatles recording, titled “Now and Then.

This nearly unbelievable track spans four minutes and eight seconds, representing the sole original Beatles production of the 21st century. As the song commences, a countdown precedes the acoustic guitar strumming and piano melodies that blend seamlessly with John Lennon’s unmistakable vocal tone. The song opens with the lyrics: “I know it’s true / It’s all because of you / And if I make it through / It’s all because of you.

The release of the “Love Me Do” double A-side single marks the culmination of over four decades since Lennon’s murder and two since George Harrison’s passing, serving as the final Beatles song.

“Now and Then” originates from a collection of unpublished demos composed by Lennon during the 1970s. Yoko Ono passed these tapes to his former bandmates, who utilized them to create the songs “Free As a Bird” and “Real Love,” released in the mid-1990s. However, due to technical constraints, completing “Now and Then” was not feasible.

The Last Beatles Song

A short film titled “The Beatles — Now And Then — The Last Beatles Song” was released on Wednesday. It provides a detailed account of the creation of the track. In the original tape, John Lennon’s voice was obscured, and the piano, as described by Paul McCartney, was difficult to discern. Back then, the technology to separate the audio tracks did not exist.

In 2022, the band (now a duo) employed the technical restoration methods to separate the Beatles’ voices from background sounds in director Peter Jackson’s 2021 documentary series, “The Beatles: Get Back.” This allowed them to isolate Lennon’s voice from the original cassette and utilize machine learning to finish “Now and Then.”


When the song was announced in June, McCartney expressed apprehension and intrigue towards artificial intelligence technology, describing it as both “scary” and “exciting”. He also acknowledged that the future implications of this technology remain uncertain.

The musician expressed his amazement and excitement about continuing to work on the Beatles’ music in 2023 during an interview titled “The Beatles – Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song”. He mentioned their exploration of cutting-edge technology, which he believes the Beatles themselves would have found intriguing.


Ringo Starr shared with The Associated Press in September that rumours suggested that John Lennon’s contributions to the upcoming track were fabricated. However, as Ringo pointed out, it isn’t peculiar for them to do such a thing.

He added that this would be the final track where all four Beatles, namely John, Paul, George, and Ringo, would be featured together.

Ringo Starr

McCartney and Starr collaborated on building the track based on Lennon’s demo, incorporating guitar parts composed by George Harrison during the 1995 sessions. Notably, a slide guitar solo, attributed to Harrison’s distinctive style, was added. McCartney and Starr then recorded their bass and drum contributions.

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Strawberry Fields

To create an evocative nostalgic reference to the ambitiousness of Beatles’ classics like “Strawberry Fields,” “Yesterday,” and “I Am the Walrus,” a string arrangement was written with the assistance of Giles Martin, the son of the late Beatles producer George Martin. It is fascinating to note that these musicians were not informed that they were contributing to the final Beatles track. McCartney skillfully portrayed it as a solo endeavor.

Jackson YouTube channel

The official music video for “Now and Then,” directed by Jackson, will premiere on the Beatles’ YouTube channel on Friday. The video was crafted using footage taken by McCartney and Starr of themselves performing, along with 14 hours of previously unreleased film captured during the 1995 recording sessions, including extensive footage of Paul, George, and Ringo working on “Now and Then,” as stated by Jackson.

George’s wife.

The documentary also includes home movie footage that has never been seen before, courtesy of Lennon’s son Sean and Olivia Harrison, George’s wife.

Additionally, there are a few precious seconds of The Beatles performing in their leather suits, which is the earliest known film of the band and has never been witnessed before. Pete Best, the original drummer of the band, provided these clips.

According to Jackson, combining these elements is intriguing, providing a well-rounded balance between sadness and humour in the video.

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