Suzuki Pakistan has unveiled the highly anticipated 2023 Suzuki Cultus, showcasing a range of impressive features complemented by an eye-catching design.

Including dual SRS airbags in the vehicle is a testament to Suzuki’s commitment to safety.

These airbags act as vigilant protectors, guaranteeing the driver’s and passengers’ well-being. Furthermore, the vehicle’s improved mileage ensures that your trips remain efficient and budget-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between style and practicality.

As the city comes to life, the Suzuki Cultus gracefully hits the road, displaying the agility of a seasoned athlete. Its aerodynamic exterior navigates the bustling urban environment thanks to the robust K-series engine concealed beneath the hood.

This harmonious blend of power and elegance elevates every daily commute into a chic and adventurous experience.

Suzuki Cultus price October 2023



Suzuki Cultus VXR


Suzuki Cultus VXL


Suzuki Cultus Auto Gear Shift


In a bustling urban environment where time is of the essence, the 2023 stands as your gateway to maximizing every journey. Prepare to elevate your driving escapades and immerse yourself in sophistication and groundbreaking advancements.

Uncover a new era in compact automobiles with the latest offering from Suzuki – the 2023 Cultus.


The Suzuki Cultus has long been a cherished icon in Pakistan’s automotive scene, renowned for its compact dimensions and affordability. As the 2023 model makes its debut, Suzuki’s objective extends beyond providing a cost-effective means of transportation.

It aspires to offer contemporary amenities and heightened comfort to meet the changing preferences of Pakistani motorists. This article will delve into the pricing specifics of the 2023  in Pakistan, shedding light on the factors maintaining its popularity among city dwellers.

Budget-Friendly Mobility

The 2023 Suzuki Cultus is strategically designed to be a budget-friendly option for individuals searching for dependable urban transportation. Boasting various variants, including the standard model and the more feature-rich VXL version, the pricing structure accommodates a broad spectrum of consumers.

The base model offers a cost-effective solution tailored to essential commuting requirements. At the same time, the VXL variant takes it up a notch by incorporating amenities such as air conditioning, power windows, and advanced infotainment systems, all at a slightly higher price point.

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Suzuki Pakistan recognizes the significance of affordability and practicality for everyday drivers, and the pricing of the Cultus 2023 underscores this dedication, positioning it as an astute choice for urban residents, whether individuals or small families.

Suzuki Cultus 2023: The Perfect Urban Companion

To sum up, the 2023 stays a powerful participant in Pakistan’s compact automobile marketplace.

Its pricing approach withinside the Pakistani marketplace makes it an less costly choice for people searching for straightforward city mobility with out straining their budgets.

While it is able to now no longer include the luxurious functions of higher-priced models, it promises a dependable and cost-powerful answer for city transportation needs, successfully connecting commuters among factors A and B inside town limits.

With its compact layout and gas efficiency, the Cultus 2023 is the ideal associate for each day commutes, permitting Pakistani drivers to navigate congested town streets speedy and affordably.


Suzuki Cultus Engine

The 3rd Generation Suzuki Cultus has a 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder engine boasting a displacement of 998 cubic centimeters (cc). This engine delivers a power output of 50 kW at 6,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and a torque of 90 Nm at 3,500 rpm.

Suzuki Cultus 2023 Mileage

The Suzuki Cultus showcases commendable fuel efficiency, offering an impressive mileage of 14 kilometers per liter in urban settings and 18 kilometers per liter on highways.

Suzuki Cultus Ride & Handling

The 2023  is a superb choice for everyday city commuting. Notably, it combines commendable mileage with a highly responsive throttle, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride even at lower gears. This responsiveness becomes particularly valuable in heavy traffic situations, as it minimizes the strain on the driver. However, the engine noise can be somewhat bothersome, though it remains manageable on shorter journeys.

Suzuki Cultus Maintenance

The Suzuki Cultus has a long-standing presence in the Pakistani market and enjoys the advantage of local assembly, making maintenance hassle-free. Its auto components are widely accessible nationwide at budget-friendly prices, and mechanics are well-versed in its mechanics and operation.

Cultus 2023 Specs


998 cc 1.0 liters engine

Power – 50/6,000 kW/rpm torque – 90/3,500 Nm/rpm


5-speed manual transmission / AGS

Cultus Competitors

The  3rd Generation faces stiff competition in the Pakistani market from rivals such as the Toyota Vitz, Toyota Passo, Suzuki Wagon R, Mitsubishi Mirage, and Kia Picanto.

Kia Picanto

Among these competitors, the Suzuki Wagon R stands out with its larger seating capacity and a lower price than the Cultus. However, it lacks some features in the Cultus, such as a tachometer, steering adjustment, keyless entry, and power door locks.

The Kia Picanto is another formidable contender against the . Despite being relatively new, the Picanto outshines the Cultus with its feature-rich interior, rear wiper, and steering switches. These additional features and impressive fuel efficiency make the Picanto a compelling choice, even though it comes at a slightly higher price than the Cultus.

Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz boasts a solid consumer base in Pakistan, offering better torque and power output than the Cultus, along with a larger fuel tank. The Vitz competes with the Cultus primarily due to its pricing and performance advantages.

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