Cristiano Ronaldo and his fellow Al-Nassr teammates have recently been featured in a captivating video, showcasing their embrace of Saudi Arabian culture by donning traditional attire and proudly wielding ceremonial swords.

Cristiano Ronaldo Saudi Arabian Culture

Despite his relatively recent move to Saudi Arabia in December of the previous year, Ronaldo, now 38 years old, has seamlessly adapted to life in the Middle East.

His stellar performance on the field further exemplifies his remarkable transition. Ronaldo has scored an impressive seven goals in just his first five matches of the Saudi Pro League season, an achievement that has solidified his reputation as a football legend.

To add to his accomplishments, he was also awarded the prestigious Golden Boot as his team clinched victory in the Arab Club Champions Cup, a testament to his enduring talent and dedication to the sport.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In addition to his impressive on-field presence, the international superstar has effortlessly embraced life in Saudi Arabia off the field,

as evident in his brief appearance in the video. In this video, Cristiano Ronaldo, alongside his teammates like Sadio Mane and Talisca, showcased their appreciation for Saudi culture by donning traditional attire and joyfully participating in a dance routine towards the conclusion of the recording.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes center stage in a recent video on Al-Nassr’s official social media platform.

In the video, Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates, including Sadio Mane (pictured on the right), are seen dressed in traditional Saudi attire in anticipation of Saudi National Day, celebrated on September 23rd.

The video shared on Al-Nassr’s official social media account features a heartwarming scene where three children explore the club’s stadium, discovering various celebrities participating in customary Saudi activities.

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Cristiano Ronaldo video’s conclusion,

Towards the video’s conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo, joined by Mane, is elegantly attired in a black bisht complemented by a white thobe.

At the same time, the former Liverpool star sports a striking gold and cream bisht paired with a white thobe.

Marcelo Brozovic

Prominent figures such as Marcelo Brozovic, Otavio, Talisca, and Alex Telles appeared in the video.
The Twitter caption accompanying the video read, “All together. For one flag. We Dream, and Achieve,” embellished with emojis.

Saudi National Day Celebration 

Given the upcoming Saudi National Day celebration on Saturday, the video is likely tied to the festivities anticipated over the weekend.

Al-Nassr was one of the teams that had a night off on Thursday amidst the crowded schedule of Saudi Pro League matches.


That evening, N’Golo Kante marked his debut on the scoresheet for Al-Ittihad spectacularly, netting a stunning long-range goal during their 2-1 victory in the league.

Saudi club

This French midfielder, who joined the Saudi club on a free transfer in June, played a pivotal role in securing the crucial winning goal for his team against Al Fateh FC.

Strike Towards

At 32, N’Golo Kante demonstrated his prowess on the field by seizing the ball at the edge of the penalty area just before halftime. He then unleashed a powerful strike towards the goal, which ricocheted off the crossbar before finding the back of the net.

PSG Star

Neymar and Al-Hilal could not secure a victory in other Saudi Pro League action as they played a 1-1 draw against Damac FC. Despite the participation of the former Barcelona and PSG star, goals from Nicolae Stanciu and Malcom ensured a level scoreline.

Arguably the most exhilarating evening match, former Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum notched two goals during Al-Ettifaq’s thrilling 4-3 triumph over Al Taee.

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