Olympic gymnastics legend Mary Lou Retton continues to battle a rare form of pneumonia in the intensive care unit as of Wednesday.

Retton’s daughters took to Instagram to replace their mother’s condition, expressing gratitude for the overpowering guide from the heaps who’ve generously contributed to help together along with her scientific expenses. Retton bravely fought this illness, demonstrating her unwavering determination and strength.


In a heartfelt Instagram video update, Shayla Kelley Schrepfer, the eldest of Mary Lou Retton’s four daughters, expressed the family’s deep gratitude for her top-notch help for Retton, who’s fifty-five years old.

Schrepfer conveyed the family’s overwhelming emotions, explaining that they had been touched by using the prominent display of love and help for her mother.

She went on to share that they had not fully realized the extent of people’s love and admiration for Retton.


These challenging times have been tough for their family, and the immense outpouring of love and support has provided much-needed solace and encouragement to both their family and Retton herself.

Schrepfer concluded her message with a heartfelt thank you to all those who have shown their love and support.

In just 24 hours since her family’s launch of an online fundraiser on Tuesday, nearly 5,000 individuals came together to contribute a remarkable sum of over $275,000. The family revealed that Mary Lou Retton currently lacks medical insurance coverage, and they had initiated the fundraiser with an initial target of $50,000.

These funds are intended to assist in covering the costs associated with Retton’s medical care and treatment.

Schrepfer refrained from providing detailed information about Retton’s current condition, emphasizing that it remains a day-to-day journey.

Los Angeles Olympics

Mary Lou Retton, a native of Fairmont, West Virginia, achieved historic success at the Los Angeles Olympics when she was just 16 years old. She made history by securing perfect 10s on the floor exercise and vault in the final two rotations, becoming the first American woman to capture the Olympic all-around title.

America’s Sweetheart

Her Olympic adventure concluded with an outstanding haul of 5 medals, including silver and bronze and the coveted all-around gold. Her exquisite overall performance catapulted her to popular culture stardom, and she earned the endearing moniker “America’s Sweetheart.” Mary Lou Retton’s ancient achievements also caused her to become the primary girl athlete to grace the duvet of a Wheaties cereal box.

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Dancing with the Stars

In 1986, Retton decided to retire from competitive gymnastics, marking the end of her illustrious athletic career. Her newfound reputation as a gymnastics legend made her a family call in the United States at some stage. She transitioned into the leisure world, making remarkable appearances in movies and television and a memorable stint at the famous show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Los Angeles Olympics

In a vast non-public development, Retton and her husband, Shannon Kelley, finalized their divorce in 2018, marking a brand new bankruptcy in her life.

Schrepfer chose not to delve into the specifics of Retton’s current circumstances, emphasizing that it remains an evolving day-to-day process.

At the young age of 16, Mary Lou Retton, hailing from Fairmont, West Virginia, etched her name in history at the Los Angeles Olympics.

Mary Lou Retton’s Olympic

Her fantastic performance, which blanketed reaching ideal 10s at the ground exercising and vaulting at some point during the last rotations, secured her function as the first American lady to win the Olympic all-around title.

Her Olympic adventure culminated with an outstanding series of 5 medals: silver and bronze and the coveted all-around gold.

Cereal box

This incredible fulfilment catapulted her into popular culture stardom, earning her the nickname “America’s Sweetheart.” Mary Lou Retton’s Olympic fulfilment additionally granted her the difference of becoming the inaugural woman athlete to grace the quilt of a Wheaties cereal box.

In 1986, Retton decided to conclude her competitive gymnastics career. Her newfound reputation as a gymnastics icon multiplied her to a distinguished function in American households.

She transitioned into the enjoyment world, making first-rate appearances in every film and television, with a memorable stint on the well-known show “Dancing with the Stars.

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